J29-100 Health Related Leave of Absence

Administrative Leave

A student may be administratively withdrawn by the university in situations including, but not limited to the following:

  • Engaging in or threatening to engage in behavior which poses a danger of causing physical harm to others.
  • Engaging in behavior which poses a danger of causing harm to him/her, if that behavior has a disruptive influence on the institution and/or members of the university community. This includes behavior demonstrating an inability to satisfy personal needs (e.g., nourishment, shelter, etc.) without adequate care to the degree there is a reasonable possibility that serious physical harm or death might occur within a short period of time.
  • Engaging in or threatening to engage in behavior which would cause significant property damage, would directly and substantially impede the lawful activities of others, or would interfere with the educational process and orderly operation of the university.

These procedures do not preclude a student's removal from the university or any unit, class, or program, for disciplinary reasons in accordance with the provisions of the Student Handbook.

For more information on the Administrative Leave Process, please access the links below.

Authorized Voluntary Leave
Evaluation for Administrative Leave
Administrative Hearing
Interim Leave for Administrative Reasons

Please contact the Office of the Dean of Students for support with Mental Health leave.

Dr. Josh Bacon: baconjj@jmu.edu

Gloria Mast: mastgm@jmu.edu

Office of the Dean of Students

Taylor Hall, Room 300




Exceptions to Established Procedures

The Associate Vice President may make such reasonable exceptions to these policies and procedures as circumstances may require.

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