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The Civic Learning Site Experience is grounded in the principles of Alexander Astin's Involvement Theory. Students are matched with an on-campus site that is in line with their involvement interests, needs, and/or strengths where they will be invested over the next three months. Students meet regularly with the site supervisor to discuss progress and ongoing expectations. Students also complete involvement activities to become aware of different opportunities on campus.

The Site Experience is mutually beneficial for the student and the site. Students are given the opportunity to meet new people, have new experiences, and become aware of all the JMU campus has to offer. The site will benefit as a result of the student utilizing his or her strengths to contribute to the site's mission.

Goals for the Site Experience:

Goal 1: Students will increase their level of involvement and sense of belonging to the university.

Goal 2: Students will have the opportunity to develop their transferrable skills that could relate to their personal, social and professional life.

Goal 3: Students will demonstrate an increased motivation to change behavior patterns that could lead to a violation of university policy.

For more information about the Civic Learning programs, see the About Us page of our website.


Please contact us for additional information or questions related to the Civic Learning Programs.

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