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Frequently Asked Questions for Mentor Students

Why was I sanctioned to the Civic Learning Mentor Experience instead of a class?

The accountability process is intended to be educational, rather than punitive. Your case administrator or accountability board chose a sanction that they felt would best meet your needs.

What will my mentor know about me?

Your mentor will know that you have been sanctioned through our office but will not know the nature of your violation. It is up to you to share any further information about your violation.

Is this counseling?

Mentors are not trained counselors and the relationship you form with your mentor is not a counseling relationship. If you would like to speak with a counselor, your mentor can help connect you to the Counseling Center or you can call to set up an appointment: 540-568-6552.

What is a personal mission statement and why do I have to do it?

Just as a company or organization will have a mission statement that guides their practices, a personal mission statement can help you set clear goals and design realistic strategies for achieving them. 

The Civic Learning Mentor Experience is primarily about self-knowledge and understanding.  While some of us have a vague idea of our purpose, it is often difficult to state it succinctly.  Creating a personal mission statement is not a quick or easy process, but students and mentors find it to be very fulfilling. 

What will we do at our meetings?

Every mentor pair will create their own experience; it's up to you and your mentor to decide how to spend your time together. Usually, you will meet once a week for an hour at a location that you and your mentor decide upon. Past mentor meetings have taken place in such diverse locations as:

      • Starbucks
      • Taylor Down Under
      • Mentor's office
      • UREC for racquetball or basketball
      • The Quad for lunch
      • Campus-wide events
      • Edith J. Carrier Arboretum for a walk
      • Downtown Harrisonburg
      • On a hike

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