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The Civic Learning Mentor Experience is a program that gives students the opportunity to develop a relationship of mutual respect and trust with a JMU faculty member, staff member, or graduate student. Students meet weekly with their mentor and are free to discuss any number of topics including, but not limited to:

  • Personal values
  • Life at JMU
  • Common interests
  • Time management
  • Academic and career endeavors
  • Opportunities for involvement at JMU

Students will work with their mentor to create a personal mission statement. The mentoring pair will also identify short- and long-term goals and strategies for achievement that can be implemented during the relationship as well as after the mentoring experience has concluded.

Goals of the Mentor Experience:

  1. Students will increase their self-knowledge and understand how their personal actions impact and influence the university community.
  2. Students will increase their level of connection and/or belonging to the university.
  3. Students will increase their level of civic engagement within the university community.
  4. Students will demonstrate an increased motivation to change behavior patterns that could lead to a judicial violation.
  5. Students will demonstrate increased self-awareness, including a sense of purpose and its relation to future goals.
  6. Students will recognize involvement opportunities or services which may facilitate their ability to reach their identified goals.
  7. Students will increase involvement at JMU in order to reach their mission and goals.

For more information about the Site Experience Program, see the About Us page of our website.

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