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Please complete the following form after your student has completed their sanctioned mentoring hours.

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What do you think your mentee gained from this experience?
What did you gain from this experience?
What were your expectations for this relationship? Do you feel they were met?
Were there issues or problems that came up that you wish you would have been better prepared for in training?
Are there additional resources you wish were provided that would have helped you?
Where did you hold your meetings?
What types of activities did you engage in?
What type of boundaries did you create for the relationship? Were these ever crossed by either party?
Do you think your relationship with the student will continue? If so, how will it be similar and how will it be different?
Would you like to remain an active mentor in the program? If not, please explain and signify the time frame you wish to be inactive.
How would you rate the compatibility of matching you with this student? Explain.
Did you complete the mission statement and goals activities with your student? Were there any difficulties?

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