What is the Accountability Board?

The Accountability Board is a group of individuals from which a board is selected to review cases of alleged violations of University policy as listed in the JMU Student Handbook published by James Madison University.

Accountability Board: Make decisions on whether or not a policy was violated as well as the sanctions that should be imposed. Each major case review board consists of three students, three faculty/staff members and one non-voting faculty/staff chairperson. Each minor hearing board consists of three students and one non-voting faculty/staff chairperson.

Appeal Board: The board members also review appeals for cases. A major appeal board would consist of two students, one faculty/staff member, and one voting faculty/staff chairperson. A minor appeal board consists of two students and one voting faculty/staff chairperson. Appeal board members will not have participated in the Accountability Board case review for the case they review an appeal for.

The Accountability Board determines sanctions ranging from Disciplinary Probation up to and including Expulsion from the University.

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Any undergraduate or graduate student, exclusive of student government executive officers, or any faculty or staff member currently working (full or part-time) at JMU, none of whom shall hold an administrative position higher than head of a department or academic unit. 

      • Must be (& remain) in good standing with the University
      • Must be a current enrolled undergraduate or graduate student or be employed full-time or part-time by JMU
      • Ability to work well with others, sensitivity and respect for others, openness to differences
      • Willingness to take part in assessment projects
      • Ability to maintain strict confidentiality of all case information
      • Must uphold all University policies as well as federal and state laws

If any member does not meet one of these qualifications, they will be removed form the Accountability Board.


Newly selected board members will receive extensive training on the Student Accountability process, policies and procedures, listening, questioning, evidence, decision-making, and sanctioning. This training is typically a full day and done with the Associate Director, Wendy Lushbaugh. It will be scheduled with you once you have been given approval to serve on the board.

Additional training and information sessions (in-services) are held during the year to continue to develop and improve skills and knowledge to help in effectively serving on an accountability board.  Faculty and staff who serve on sexual misconduct accountability boards receive additional training.

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Time Commitment

Members serve on board case reviews as their schedules permit. Most case reviews take between 1 and 5 hours. While this is a flexible service opportunity, we do request that students, faculty & staff provide availability to serve when their schedules permit.  Members are also encouraged to attend Board Development workshops that occur throughout the year.


Involvement in the Accountability Board is a valuable resume-builder and students who serve on these boards will gain many important skills which are transferable to future employment, including:

    • Listening and communication
    • Analytical reasoning
    • Policy analysis

The Faculty/Staff Chairs will additionally gain skills such as:

    • Facilitation
    • Mediation

Many enjoy participating on the Accountability Board for several reasons:

  1. You get to be a part of helping a student receive education for breaking the code of student conduct

  2. You can add Accountability Board to your resume

  3. It's flexible—you offer to serve on a case review on a date/time you are available

  4. You get to work on a team to decide how to provide help/education to a student

  5. You get the chance to be a part of the learning process

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How to Apply

Now accepting applications for the 2016-2017 Academic Year. Applications are due April 7, 2017 at 5 p.m. 

2017-2018 Accountability Board Application

More information about the Accountability Board as a service opportunity can be found on the Accountability Board website.

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