Conversations About Conflict

This two session, four-hour program, for students to reflect on how they deal with conflict in their relationships with friends, roommates, family members, professors, university staff, strangers, and even themselves. Through this class, students will be given the opportunity to assess their own conflict style, discuss how their community is impacted by conflict, and develop skills for future engagement in conflict. Upon completion of the class, students submit a reflection paper and participate in a follow-up discussion. 

The goals and objectives for this program are:

Conversations about Conflict Goals and Objectives


Knowledge Rubric:

Each student enrolled in Conversations about Conflict will take a knowledge-based rubric right after receiving this sanction (pre-test) and after the completion of the program (post-test 1).  In addition, one month after completion of the program, students receive this rubric again (post-test 2).  Here is a copy of the questions asked in this rubric:

Conversations about Conflict Rubric Questions

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Voluntary and Confidential

Restorative practices are typically voluntary and the information shared during a process usually is held in confidence. There may be exceptions to confidentiality if the information is determined to be a future threat to self or others. Each participant usually has the right, at any point, to suspend the process and remove themselves from the process. The facilitator also often holds the right to suspend the process if they feel it is not safe or healthy for any of the stakeholders involved.

Contact Chris Ehrhart, Coordinator for Restorative Practices, for more information.

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