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The Community Activities Board (CAB) is the residential student organization in each hall. CAB members advise, advocate, and intervene within their halls through programming and conversations. Through their efforts, they aim to create an inclusive community where each resident is valued and represented within each engagement opportunity.

Each CAB has a President, Vice president, Treasurer, and Floor Representatives that work with the Resident Adviser and Hall Director to support students and programming efforts in the halls. A few examples of effective CAB advocacy include the purchase of games and billiard equipment for the hall, field day experiences, and the successful connection of students to important resources on campus. 

If selected, students will need to attend a weekly meeting at a mutually-designated time in their hall led by the CAB President to discuss hall needs and programming opportunities. If you have any questions about CAB or other involvement opportunities within the residence halls, please contact Jordan Todd at



Community Activities Board Officer Responsibilities

SHAPE Representative/President (Students Helping Advise, Plan and Energize)

Will serve their communities through:

  • Attending and actively participating in all SHAPE/President meetings, every other Thursday at 5:00pm
  • Attending bi-weekly meetings with Hall Director and bi-semester meeting with SLI Coordinator
  • Leading weekly Community Activities Board meetings
  • Assisting other CAB officers with hall-wide programming initiatives
  • Communicating with other presidents in your area, working to facilitate area-wide programming, and discuss area-specific concerns
  • Facilitating communication among residents by distributing surveys, questionnaires, or polling hallmates regarding specific concerns in the hall
  • Encouraging and collaborating with residents to both plan and participate in programming efforts
  • Communicating feedback from the hall with SHAPE Advisor at bi-weekly meetings
  • Serving as a resource to residents and other CAB Members

Vice President/Communications

Will serve their communities through:

  • Supporting the President
  • Fill in for president when president is unable to complete duties
  • Taking notes and keep records during weekly meetings
  • Attending and actively participating in weekly Community Activities Board meetings.
  • Serving as a resource to residents and other CAB Members


Will serve their communities through:

  • Serving in a treasurer capacity (all checks must be co-signed by Treasurer and Hall Director) as custodian of the hall checkbook
  • Meet with and be trained by ORL Staff Member
  • Making recommendations to the Community Activities Board regarding proposed expenditures
  • Managing expenditures in a fiscally responsible manner
  • Serving as a resource to residents and other CAB Members

Floor Representatives

Will serve their communities through:

  • Attending and actively participating in all Community Activities Board meetings
  • Actively engaging with residents to understand their needs and concerns
  • Meeting with the RA periodically to discuss floor issues/resident needs
  • Working closely with their RAs to plan, advertise, and implement programs that meet residents’ needs
  • Serving as a liaison between residents and their RA
  • Serving as a resource to residents and other CAB Members

S.H.A.P.E. - Students Helping Advise Plan and Energize

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The SHAPE Representative, who is the CAB president, attends bi-monthly SHAPE meetings and gives voice to resident students. They will represent the interest of residents and hall staff at each of these meetings on various topics including safety and security; in-hall services; and amenities. Participants will cultivate leadership potential and foster a network of residents and staff that work to support and sustain an open and inclusive living and learning environment. This position is a fun and exciting opportunity for students to become active leaders on the JMU campus.

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