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Online Room Selection for Returning Students

If you have signed a housing contract, you have a space on campus next year! Students with signed housing contracts for the 2017-2018 academic year have the chance to pick a bedspace through Online Room Selection in March 2017. There will be processes for keeping your current room (if eligible), selecting an apartment, a full Bluestone suite, a room with a roommate or a single room, or an individual bedspace in a double room.

Online Room Selection FAQ

Important Dates

  • January 18: Roommate searching goes live in the Online Housing System
  • January 18: Room retention and supersize single Housing Interest form goes live in the Online Housing System
  • February 15:  Honors Housing Interest form goes live for current Honors students with signed housing contracts.  Eligible students will be emailed the survey link.
  • March 1: Students with new Housing Accommodation Requests must submit completed paperwork to the Office of Disability Services by 5 pm in order for approved accommodation to be considered for Online Room Selection
  • March 1: Room selection numbers sent to all students who signed a housing contract by February 28
  • March 3: Students wanting to retain their current room for next year or live in a supersize single must complete the Housing Interest form in the Online Housing System by 5 pm 
  • March 14: Honors students interested in living in Shenandoah B section or Apartments on Grace must complete the Honors Housing Interest form 5 pm
  • March 20: Room selection numbers sent to all students who signed a housing contract between March 1 and March 19
  • March 22- April 6: Online Room Selection

Available Spaces

Where can I live next year?

Returning students can select from any available bedspaces in the buildings listed below.  It’s important for students who sign housing contracts to understand that the Office of Residence Life cannot guarantee your ability to select a specific building, regardless of when you signed your contract. 


Upperclass Building

# of Upperclass Beds

% of Total
Upperclass Beds


















Apts on Grace








Shenandoah B section















TOTAL #: 1,383

TOTAL %: 100%

What kinds of rooms are available?

Over 97% of rooms available are double rooms, so you will most likely have a roommate next year. However, due to increased demand for single rooms, the Office of Residence Life is pleased to offer supersize singles in Chandler, Maple, Oak, and Willow Halls!  These are double occupancy rooms that will be designated for individual residents who are interested in living alone. Students living in these rooms will be charged an additional 50% of a room rent on their fall and spring bills. Because the Board of Visitors does not determine room rent until early April, the exact cost for this room type is not known at this time. 

There are less than 12 single occupancy rooms available for returning students. The majority of these single rooms are in Chandler Hall, as well as Ashby and Shenandoah Halls. These rooms are typically assigned to students with approved housing accommodations through the Office of Disability Services.

There are 4 triple rooms available in Wampler Hall. These rooms are designed for three residents, so they are slightly larger than typical double rooms.  Two of these rooms are for men, and two are for women.

In the Bluestone areas, approximately one half of the rooms will be set aside for students who want to live in suites with their friends. The other half will be available for students who have preferred roommates and students who will be picking individual bedspaces.  

As you begin thinking about where you want to live next year, download the JMU Res Life app from the App Store for Apple products or Google Play for Android products to see virtual tours of the residence halls. You'll also be able to view a 3D interactive tour of the space, information about the residence hall, a layout diagram of the room, and basic furniture dimensions. The app also includes a map feature that allows users to locate all residence halls and significant campus landmarks.

I like where I live now. Can I stay in my room for next year?

Residents currently living in Ashby, the Apartments on Grace, Chandler, Converse, Maple, Oak, Shenandoah B section, Spotswood, Wampler, or Willow can return to their same room next year if the following conditions are met:

  • The student officially notifies the Office of Residence Life by completing the Housing Interest form by 5 pm, March 3. This form will be available through the Online Housing System beginning January 16.
  • The space being requested is in a double or supersize single room. You may make such a request with or without a roommate except for the Apartments on Grace.
  • Some double rooms may not be retained by current residents because of housing occupancy needs. This includes double bedrooms with private bathrooms. 
  • In order to come back to the same apartment next year, the current resident must completely fill at least one bedroom in the unit with a roommate. 

Example:  If you currently live in a 2 bedroom double apartment that has 4 residents, you can retain the apartment as long as you fill one of the bedrooms with a friend who has a signed housing contract.  If you live in a 1 bedroom double apartment, you can retain the apartment if you have a friend with a housing contract to join you in the unit.

Apartments on Grace

What types of apartments are available during Online Room Selection?

There are 1 bedroom double occupancy units for 2 residents and 2 bedroom double occupancy units for 4 residents.  

How do I select a unit in the Apartments on Grace?

Students interested in living in the Apartments on Grace next year must be a part of a roommate group that is the same size as the apartment they are interested in.  For example, if you and two friends want to live in 2-bedroom double occupancy unit designed for 4 residents, you will need to find another person to add to your roommate group. 

The Apartments on Grace are an extremely popular option for our returning students.  Unfortunately, there is more interest in this building than available spaces.  This means that not all students who want to live in an apartment will be able to select one during Online Room Selection.

Do apartment residents need to have a meal plan?

Yes, all residents of on campus housing, including the Apartments on Grace, must select a meal plan.  Students who select an apartment for next year will be able to pick any meal plan (residential or commuter) offered by Card Services.

Does it cost more to live in the apartments than in a residence hall?

Yes, students living in the Apartments on Grace will be billed an additional $500 each semester in addition to the standard room rent.  The Board of Visitors will set the 2017-2018 room rent in early April.

I’ve never seen the Apartments on Grace? Can I get a look at the building?

If you are interested in seeing what makes the Apartments on Grace such a great living option, current members of their Community Activities Board will be offering building tours throughout the spring semester for interested students. 

More apartment FAQs are available here

Room Selection Numbers

All students with signed housing contracts will be assigned a room selection number. All room selection numbers are associated with a time to log into the Online Housing System.  If you want to receive a room selection number and go through Online Room Selection, you must sign a housing contract by March 19. 

How will my room selection number be assigned to me? 

Room selection numbers are assigned based on the date and time a student signed the housing contract. 

I have a friend (or a group of friends) that I want to live with. Whose room selection number should we use to pick an apartment, suite, or room?

The general rule is the lower the room selection number, the earlier you can log into Online Room Selection. So, if you are living with someone, it makes sense that the person with the lower room selection number logs in to select a room for next year.   

When will I get my room selection number?

Room selection numbers will be distributed via email at two times:

March 1: Room selection numbers sent to all students who signed a housing contract by February 28

March 20: Room selection numbers sent to all students who signed a housing contract between March 1 and March 19

Special Groups

I have an air-conditioning accommodation on file with the Office of Disability Services. Do I have to do anything different for Online Room Selection? 

No, you will use the room selection number you have been assigned, or the lowest room selection number of the group you are in, to select a room. The following buildings are available during Online Room Selection and have air-conditioning: Apartments on Grace, Ashby, Converse, Maple, Oak, Shenandoah, Wampler, and Willow. 

Because such a large number of upperclass spaces have air conditioning, we are confident that you will be able to select an appropriate space during Online Room Selection. It is your responsibility to select a space in an air-conditioned building. Please be aware that if you select a room in Chandler Hall, air-conditioning is not available and students cannot bring their own A/C units.

I have a housing accommodation on file with the Office of Disability Services.  Do I have to do anything different for Online Room Selection? 

If you have a housing accommodation for a specific type of housing (not including air-conditioning), you will be contacted by the Office of Residence Life by the end of February with information about selecting a room for next year. 

I am a member of the Honors program. Do I need to go through Online Room Selection?

Yes, you will need to complete Online Room Selection.  You must be an accepted member of the Honors program AND complete the Honors Housing Interest form by March 14 at 5pm in order to live in Honors housing in Shenandoah Hall or the Apartments on Grace. 

This form will be available beginning February 15, and eligible students will receive information on this date about how to complete it. You will need to indicate if you want to live in a double room in B section of Shenandoah Hall or on the 2nd or 3rd floor of the Apartments on Grace.  Non-honors roommates are allowed in both Shenandoah Hall and the Apartments on Grace.

In order to live in the Honors designated apartments, you must fulfill the following conditions:

  • You must fill the entire apartment with 2 or 4 occupants. 
  • At least 50% of the occupants must be a member of the Honors program. This means that in a 1 bedroom apartment, 1 occupant must be in the Honors program, and in a 2 bedroom apartment, at least 2 occupants must be in the Honors program.