JMU Women's Club

2003 Interest Groups Information

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Book Club

Contact: Alma Hale-Cooper 564-1813
Meets in homes the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. for fellowship and discussion of great reads. Call for details on what we are reading!


Contact: Leslie Purtlebaugh 833-2307
An investment club designed to educate and make money. Monthly contributions are made by members who research, select and buy stock as a group. Membership is limited, please call or email for details.

Honorary Life Members

Joan Funston 564-2631
Beverly Silver 434-5006
All active Women's Club members who are retired from JMU, whose spouse is retired or who are widows of James Madison University faculty and/or administrative members are invited to join.
Important note: Payment of membership dues for the JMU Women's Club is optional for Honorary Life Members. However, we must receive a completed membership form prior to November 1st for inclusion in all Women's Club mailings as well as the annual membership directory. We very much want to know about women who have become eligible for this 2003-2004 year, due to their retirement or the retirement of their spouses. We urge these women, who have not previously participated in the Honorary Life Group, to call either of us, Joan or Beverly, to find out more about membership in this part of the JMU Women's Club. Please return the membership form or contact Joan or Beverly for more details.

Community Service

Contact: We are looking for a volunteer; please call Leslie Purtlebaugh at 434-5926 if you are interested! A group designed to serve JMU and Harrisonburg communities through fundraising, volunteerism, and service. Call today to get involved and help others!

Couples Bridge

Contact: Joan Kosnik 433-8903
Meets the third Saturday of the month at 7:30 p.m. for a relaxed evening of fun.

Gourmet Group

Contact: Janet Gloeckner
Meets the first Saturday of the month fall semester and the last Saturday during spring semester at 6:30pm in homes or at restaurants. Menu follows a gourmet theme. Open to Women's Club spouses as well.

Supper Club

Celia Mitchell 269-4214
Beverly Silver 434-5006
Meets the first Sunday of each month at 6 p.m. for dinner in homes of members.
Each person/couple is assigned in advance what to bring in a food category.

Moms and Tots

Contact: We are looking for a volunteer; please call Leslie Purtlebaugh at 434-5926 if you are interested! A playgroup for parents and tots (from birth to preschool).

Women's Morning Bridge

Contact: Peggy Allen 879-9874
Meets the first Wednesday of the month, usually at the Village Inn for breakfast and fun together. Substitutes welcome

International Friends

Contact: Lisel Francfort 433-8279
A group of members of different backgrounds and cultures who are interested in sharing experiences and offering support and friendship to each other in a relaxed atmosphere. Open to all members.

Silver and Gold (Newcomers)

Contact: We are looking for a volunteer; please call Leslie Purtlebaugh at 434-5926 if you are interested!
A collection of new and old JMU faces who enjoy meeting monthly for social events - some for JMU women only, others for the whole family. Although a great resource for JMU newcomers, membership is open to all JMU Women's Club members.

Other groups? Questions?

For more information on any of these interest groups, please inquire from the contact person(s) listed.
To start a group, or if a group is not listed here, please contact Leslie Purtlebaugh at 434-5926 for information.

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