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Math Placement Exam Instructions

The Math Placement Exam (MPE) is a placement test, not a graded test. It is used to identify the appropriate level of math for your academic success. The links below provide a sample of the math placement exam and a tutorial on locating your scores once you have completed the exam.  Your score should be available in the Test Score section of MyMadison within 24 hours of submission. It is to your advantage to follow instructions and policies.

We expect you to complete the exam in one sitting. If you cannot finish the exam in one sitting we recommend you finish it within 24-36 hours.

When taking the Math Placement Exam you are bound by the JMU Honor Code (  Calculators and/or other sources are not allowed when taking the placement test.  We want you to have a successful experience and it is imperative to be in the right class for that to happen.  Soliciting outside help with the exam will ultimately be to your disadvantage if it results in your placement into math beyond your true ability.  You will need a pencil and paper, but calculators are not allowed.


After clicking the Math Placement Exam link on the bottom of this page, you will be directed to the following login screen.

Canvas Login screenshot

Enter your JMU e-ID (the first part of your JMU email address, for example, madisonj) and your password. Click the Continue button.  If you experience a problem logging into the Canvas System, contact citsupport@jmu.eduIf you received an technical error message during the exam, contact General Education at or (540) 568-2852.

Finding the Exam

Click on the Courses tab and select Math Placement Exam.

Math Placement Exam screenshot

Look for the Quizzes tab on the left navigation column. 

Exam Parts

The Math Placement Exam consists of four parts. Begin with Part 1 and work your way through all four parts.  You must complete all four parts. Below are quick screen shots to help you navigate.

Click on Part 1 to start taking the exam. Once you finish the first part, click the Assignments tab to return and continue with parts 2, 3 and 4. 

Screenshot of requirements

Screenshot of requirements

Take the quiz!

Completing each part

Select one answer for each question.  When you have completed the part, click the Submit Quiz button in the lower right corner.  You will immediately see your results for the part you submitted.  

Don't forget to submit!

You will see the following information after submitting each part.  You will not see your score.


To continue to the next part of the exam, click Quizzes again. 

Don't forget to finish everything!

Finding your scores

The completion of the exam results in two math placement scores.  The CALC score determines your Calculus placement.  The STATS score determines your placement in statistics.  Your MPE scores will populate in the MyMadison system within 24 hours.  To learn how to locate your scores in MyMadison, view this tutorial.  Find Your Placement Exam Scores

Click here when you are ready to proceed to the Math Placement Exam.