Procedures for JMU Staff


The university encourages employees to seek informal solutions to discrimination or harassment concerns when possible. However, you are not required to follow informal procedures before filing a grievance.


Informal Options:

Direct communication with the respondent, discussions with your immediate supervisor or, in certain cases, with upper-levels of the administration may be effective ways to seek solutions to work-related problems.  JMU offers Employee Mediation Services to all employees. The Employee Ombudsperson can also assist employees with workplace concerns and can provide forms and guidance if you choose to file a grievance. 

For guidance on attempting one-on-one resolution with the respondent, click here.


Grievance Procedure:

JMU Staff have access to the Virginia grievance procedure for state employees.  The grievance procedure is administered by the Virginia Department of Employee Dispute Resolution (EDR).  This process is more formal than mediation and requires that procedural rules be followed strictly.  Please refer to the Grievance Procedure Manual for complete explanation of the process.

The EDR offers objective, confidential consultations on employment rights and responsibilities as well as available options in resolving workplace conflict to Virginia state employees.  For a consultation, call the AdviceLine during office hours, Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm.  The number is 1-888-23ADVICE (1-888-232-3842).


Other state and federal agencies may have helpful information or resources regarding discrimination and harassment issues.


In addition, the Office of Equal Opportunity can provide information and guidance to students, faculty, staff, or visitors regarding any form of discrimination or harassment.