The Accessible Media and Technology (AMT) program supports students with accommodations for alternative formats and assistive technologies. AMT manages the Accessible Technology Labs and also provides training on free software, apps, and computer tools designed to facilitate learning for students with disabilities.

In addition, AMT provides education and referrals to faculty and staff about creating accessible online content.

Who Utilizes Accessible Media?

  • Students registered with ODS with disabilities such as hearing loss, dyslexia, low vision, ADHD, blindness, mobility impairments, learning disabilities, and others.
  • Faculty, staff, and departments who are committed to creating accessible content.

What are accessible formats?

Course materials that rely heavily on print, such as textbooks, power points, and websites, as well as other online content like videos and recorded audio, can be a barrier to students with certain disabilities.

The AMT program strives to remove barriers to learning by working with students and faculty to procure, convert, and create course materials in formats that are accessible to individual learners.

Accessible formats that JMU students utilize include:

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