Map of North Campus as of Dec. 2, 2011

Parking at North Campus


James Madison University took possession of a number of parking structures and lots which were formerly part of the Rockingham Memorial Hospital.  These structures and lots are available for use by JMU parking patrons.  The lots and their use are as follows:

  1. Grace Street Parking Deck.  428 commuter spaces, 63 faculty/staff spaces
  2. Cantrell Avenue Parking Deck. 80 faculty/staff spaces
  3. R12 Lot.  75 resident student spaces.
  4. Lot N1. This lot will close in December 2011. 
  5. Montpelier Hall. Beginning in January 2012, parking for University Health Center patients will be available in front of Montpelier Hall.
  6. Madison Hall. There will be additional changes to the parking that is available around Madison Hall; more information will be released once the spaces are allocated.