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Madison Investment Fund Outperforms Others

Madison Investment Fund Outperforms Other Funds in Virginia

HARRISONBURG, VIRGINIA - After attending the “Virginia Conference of Student Investment Groups”, a conference sponsored by Virginia Tech’s Business School, James Madison Investment Fund received statewide recognition for its phenomenal performance.

Having previously placed fifth in the national wide Rise Symposium in the year 2002, the fund is doing it again by currently outperforming the S&P500 by forty percentage points since inception. Portfolio Manager for Flippin, Bruce, & Porter Inc., John T. Bruce, and the Vice President and Executive Director of Forbes Investors Advisory Institute, PhD. Vahan Janjigian, both praised the fund in its ability not only to out perform the other school’s present but also their own funds.

The Madison Investment Fund has currently reached $120,000, breaking a historical mark. Planning to compete once again in the Rise Symposium in 2005, the Fund’s managers and analysts are confident that its out performance will direct nation wide attention to James Madison’s College of Business.

The Madison Investment Fund is an active and competitive student organization dedicated to educating students in research, analysis, and evaluation of securities by acquiring such securities using an endowment provided by James Madison University.  Visit MIF on the web at