December News 2012

Finals Week Relaxation Opportunities

Students enjoying putt putt golf

Students enjoying putt putt golf. Photo by Shuoda Wang for JMU Technology and Design 

Looking for enticing ways to break the constant flow of stress during finals season? You’re in luck. University Program Board, University Unions, and First Year Involvement Writing Center all have resources to bring you back to sanity.

UPB’s Relaxation will take place on Friday, December 5th from 7pm to 12am in Transitions. Name any massage device and it will most likely be there. Water massage beds, massage pillows, foot and calf massagers, neck and shoulder massages, and standard back message stations will be sprinkled throughout the big room.

University Unions hosts its annual Study Unions at Warren, Taylor, and Festival from December 9th through Wednesday, December 12th   from 6pm to 7am. Each location will provide stress relief and good-humored videos, massage therapists providing head and neck relief, putt putt golf, free food all night, and quiet study group rooms. TDU Java City will also be open all night.Treat yourself to a 20-minute getaway from studying.

FYI is offering “mini sessions” Sunday, December 9th through Wednesday, December 12th from 8pm to 1am in TDU. These sessions will gain you assistance in understanding your assignment, brainstorming, working on a completed paper or draft, and citing sources. Bring your paper, the assignment sheet, professor’s permission (if the paper is for a final), and a willing attitude.

Don’t let the big bad finals week get you down. Allow UPB’s Relaxation, Study Unions, and FYI help you reach your end-of-the-semester finish line.