September News 2012

Learn About Moving Off Campus

Confused about the process of moving off-campus? Maybe you’re worried about where and with whom to live? If so, don’t stress out! Off Campus Life (OCL) has devised a fun new program to aid you in your quest of understanding off campus housing. The new program, “JMU Life,” is played similarly to the classic board game, “The Game of Life.” However, instead of having a baby girl or boy, the spaces players will land on will contain questions to be answered about different housing options and information. The stop signs throughout the game will contain the most frequently asked questions OCL annually receives such as ‘What’s a lease?’ ‘How do I get my water and electric set up?’ ‘What is UDAP?’

This is a program specifically designed for the Residence halls at JMU. If you and your roommates/hallmates are interested, let your RA know and they can contact OCL to set up JMU Life as an event in your dorm.

OCL also will be hosting the upcoming Fall Housing Fair on October 3rd from 11:00am to 2:00pm in the lower drum of Festival. The event will exhibit the numerous housing developments and other options. OCL staff, area property managers, and realtors will also be present to provide information and answer your questions. So take advantage of the opportunities OCL is offering this semester, and come by the Fall Housing Fair to ease the stress surrounding your hunt for housing!