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Madison Scholarly News—December 2011


Dr. Marta K. Bechtel (Assistant Professor, Biology) received $10,000 from the Jeffress Memorial Trust for "A Potential Role for Lacritin on Functional Activity in Cornea Stromal Cells" to test if lacritin will have an effect on corneal keratocyte cell proliferation and generation of the repair fibroblast phenotype observed during stromal tissue wound healing.

Dr. Amanda G. Biesecker (Assistant Professor, Integrated Science and Technology) received $10,000 from the Jeffress Memorial Trust for "Investigating the Role of Dengue Virus E Protein in Dengue Virus-Induced Arthralgia" to investigate both the potential direct effect of dengue E protein on chondrocytes, as well as a potential indirect effect of dengue E protein on chondrocytes.

Dr. Jo Anne Brewster (Professor, Psychology) received $3,300 from the Society for Police and Criminal Psychology to perform administrative tasks for the society.

Dr. Anca Constantin (Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy) received $10,000 from the Jeffress Memorial Trust for "Galaxies hosting cosmic mega-masters: How to find enough of them to understand our universe?" to identify the physical conditions that show the strongest links to maser activity, and thus to provide efficient criteria for mega-maser hunting.

Dr. Laura Desportes (Head and Associate Professor, Exceptional Education) received $35,848 from the Virginia Department of Education for "Virginia Investment in Critical Faculty Training" to provide support for training clinical faculty for an approved educator preparation program, a five-year Early Childhood Special Education Master of Arts in Teaching Program.

Dr. Clarence R. Geier (Professor, Anthropology) received $33,200 from Carmeuse Lime and Stone for "Middletown Woods Parcel" to complete a Phase I archaeological survey of the Middletown Woods in Middletown, Va.

Dr. Alleyn S. Harned (Program Coordinator, Virginia Clean Cities) and Kenneth F. Newbold Jr. (Director, Institute for Energy and Environmental Research) received $60,000 from the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy for "Omnibus V: Outreach & Engagement" to advance a collaborative electric vehicle readiness plan to address short-term issues for impending 2011 electric vehicle deployment as well as to begin planning for long-term issues.

Dr. Reid N. Harris (Professor, Biology) received $7,913 from Villanova University for the use of HPLC-MS to detect antifungal bacterial metabolites to analyze swab samples from amphibians to detect antifungal bacterial metabolites.

Dr. Elizabeth A. Johnson (Assistant Professor, Geology and Environmental Science) received $10,000 from the Jeffress Memorial Trust for "Geochemical Constraints on the Depth and Composition of the Crust and Mantle Beneath Mole Hills, a 47-Million-Year-Old Volcano" to probe the structure of the crust and mantle beneath the Shenandoah Valley.

Nick D. Swayne (Coordinator for External Relations, College of Education) received $6,084 from First LEGO League to provide sponsorship of robotics teams.

Dr. Yanjie Zhang (Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry) received $10,000 from the Jeffress Memorial Trust for "Biomineralization Templated by Chiral Molecules and Design of Biocompatible Materials" to design appropriate model systems for biomineralization that will help disentangle the complicated interactions at the protein-biomineral interface.


Dr. Steven D. Anderson (Director and Professor, Media Arts and Design), Ryan Parkhurst (Assistant Professor, Media Arts and Design) and faculty from ieiMedia and Iowa State University created a website for the Urbino Project 2011, which was awarded the 2011 EPPY Award for Best College/University Journalistic or Documentary Report. The EPPY Awards are presented by Editors & Publisher.

Dr. Judith A. Dilts (Associate Dean, College of Science and Mathematics; Professor, Biology) has been elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science for her leadership in science education and her mentorship of a generation of science, technology, engineering and mathematics leaders.

Dr. Brenda M. Ryals (Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders) is the recipient of the 2012 Jerger Career Award for Research is Audiology for her many contributions to the advancement of auditory neuroscience, her service to the scientific community and her expert mentoring of students. Ryals will be formally recognized by the American Academy of Audiology at its annual convention in Boston in March.


Dr. Vipul Bhatt (Assistant Professor, Economics) wrote "Adolescent Alcohol Use and Intergenerational Transfers: Evidence from Micro Data," which was published in Journal of Family and Economic Issues, vol. 32, pp. 296-307.

Dr. Pamela P. Drake (Head and Professor, Finance and Business Law) and F. Neale wrote "Financial Guarantee Insurance and the Failures in Risk Management," which was published in Journal of Insurance Regulation.

Dr. T. Windsor Fields (Professor, Economics), W.R. Hart and N.R. Noble wrote "Is a More Predictable Monetary Policy Really Better?" which was published in International Research Journal of Applied Finance, vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 82-90.

Dr. Hui He (Assistant Professor, Finance and International Business) and P. Locke wrote "Global Trends in Real Risk Free Rate," which was published in Research in International Business and Finance, vol. 25, pp. 53-63.

Dr. Hui He (Assistant Professor, Finance and International Business) and J. Yang wrote "Regime Switching Analysis of ADR Home Market Pass-Through," which was published in Journal of Banking and Finance, vol. 35, pp. 204-214.

Dr. Robert N. Horn (Professor, Economics and International Business), Philip S. Heap (Lecturer, Economics), Dr. Nevin Cavusoglu (Assistant Professor, Economics and International Business) and Dr. Robert T. Jerome Jr. (Professor, Economics and International Business) wrote "No Relief in Sight: Higher Unemployment at Every Age," which was published in Challenge, vol. 54, no. 5, pp. 46-53.

Dr. Ina S. Markham (Professor, Computer Information Systems and Management Science) wrote "Assessing the Prediction of Employee Productivity: A Comparison of OLS vs. CART," which was published in International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management.

Dr. Richard G. Mathieu (Head and Professor, Computer Information Systems and Management Science) and Dr. Raktim Pal (Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems and Management Science) wrote "The Selection of Supply Chain Management Projects: A Case Study Approach," which was published in Operations Management Research.

Dr. Laura L. Parks (Assistant Professor, Management) and R. Guay wrote "Can Personal Values Predict Performance? Evidence in an Academic Setting," which was published in Applied Psychology.

Dr. Elias J. Semaan (Assistant Professor, Finance) and Dr. Pamela P. Drake (Head and Professor, Finance and Business Law) wrote "Deregulation and Risk," which was published in Financial Management, vol. 40, pp. 295-329.

Dr. Angela M. Smith (Assistant Professor, Economics) wrote "An Experimental Study of Exclusive Contracts," which was published in International Journal of Industrial Organization, vol. 29, no. 1, pp. 4-13.

P.J. Wiggins (Student), J.M. Smith (Student), Dr. Reid N. Harris (Professor, Biology) and Dr. Kevin P. Minbiole of Villanova University wrote an article, "The gut of red-backed salamanders (Plethodon cinereus) may serve as a reservoir for an antifungal cutaneous bacterium," which was published in Journal of Herpetology.

Dr. William C. Wood (J.W. and Alice S. Marriott Faculty Fellow; Director, Center for Economic Education; Professor, Economics) and Mark C. Schug wrote "Economic Episodes in American History," a textbook published byWohl Publishing Inc., Morristown, N.J.


Dr. John Kidd (Associate Professor, Learning, technology and Leadership Education) is part of a 15-member committee formed to study the Orange County Public Schools teacher salary scale to consider ways it can be made more competitive, equitable and consistent.

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