Madison Scholarly News—November 2009


Dr. Sharon K. Babcock (Coordinator of Pre-Professional Health Programs; Associate Professor, Biology) received $95,161 from Alpha Epsilon Delta to maintain the premedical honor society national headquarters office.

Dr. Thomas C. DeVore (Professor, Chemistry) received $9,500 from the Academy of Applied Sciences to conduct the Virginia Junior Science and Humanities Symposium.

Dr. Jessica G. Irons (Assistant Professor, Psychology) received $16,987 from the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth to explore the extent to which behavioral healthcare providers address adolescent nicotine dependence and to determine the relationship between dependence, biochemical measures and other variables.

Dr. Richard R. Lawler (Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology) received $133,638 from the National Science Foundation to determine how life history traits are influenced by genetic, sex-specific and ecological factors in a species with a slow life history schedule.

Dr. Reid J. Linn (Dean, Graduate School; Professor, Exceptional Education), Melinda B. Bright (Co-Director, Virginia Department of Education Region 5 Training and Technical Assistance Center) and Cheryl L. Henderson (Co-Director, T/TAC) received grants of $1,460,425 and $278,887 from the Virginia Department of Education to support statewide efforts and activities designed to enhance service effectiveness for personnel in superintendents' region 5 who serve children and youth with disabilities.

Dr. Reid J. Linn (Dean, Graduate School; Professor, Exceptional Education), Cheryl L. Henderson (Co-Director, Training and Technical Assistance Center) and John T. McNaught (Coordinator, T/TAC) received $244,697 from the Virginia Department of Education to support state-directed activities of the department and the Training and Technical Assistance Centers. 

Dr. Lisa M. Maynard (Assistant Professor, Music) received $2,125 from the National String Project Consortium to create assistantships for undergraduate string music education majors from JMU to gain hands-on teaching experiences while offering string instrument lessons to school-age students from the Harrisonburg and Rockingham County communities.

Gary S. Race (Fiscal Technician, Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services) and Jane Hubbell (Associate Director, Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services) received $165,500 from Valley Aids Network to provide educational and health administrative services.

Dr. James M. Shaeffer (Associate Vice Provost, Outreach and Engagement) received $51,502 from New College Institute to develop, provide, and administer an undergraduate adult degree program leading to a bachelor’s degree from JMU, with course instruction being provided on site and through distance technologies at the offices of the New College Institute.

Dr. Lee G. Sternberger (Associate Provost, Academic Affairs; Executive Director, International Programs), Dr. Jennifer E. Coffman (Associate Executive Director, International Programs; Assistant Professor, Integrated Science and Technology), Dr. Giuliana Fazzion (Head, Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures; Professor, Italian), Brillian Muhonja (Assistant Professor, Swahili) and Robert E. Pettit (Head, Military Science) received $285,000 from the Institute of International Education Inc. to improve the language skills and regional expertise for future military officers through the ROTC Duke Battalion and strengthen the Department of Foreign Language, Literature and Cultures, particularly in Swahili language offerings.



Dr. David E. Cavazos (Assistant Professor, Management) was appointed associate editor of the Journal of Management Inquiry.

Henry A. Reeves (Director, Small Business Development Center) was recognized as the 2009 Virginia State Star at the National Association of Small Business Development Center's Annual Conference in September.

Martha Woodroof (Reporter/Producer, WMRA-FM) received the Outstanding Public Service in the Media Award from the Public Relations Council of the Shenandoah Valley at the professional organization's 14th annual Media Appreciation Awards Reception, Nov. 18 in Harrisonburg.



Dr. Philip B. DuBose (Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Business; Professor, Management), Dr. Charles D. Pringle (Professor Emeritus, Management) and Michael D. Yankey (Lecturer, Management) published "Personality Characteristics and Choice of Academic Major: Are Traditional Stereotypes Obsolete?" in the College Student Journal.

Dr. Annette R. Federico (Professor, English) published "Gilbert and Gubar's 'The Madwoman in the Attic' after Thirty Years," including retrospective accounts of the ways in which the original piece has influenced teaching, feminist activism and the lives of women in academia.

Dr. Daniel G. Gallagher (CSX Distinguished Professor, Management) and Tui McKeown (Monash University) co-authored a paper, "Working Without an Employer: Establishing a Model of Independent Contractors' Well-Being," which was presented as a keynote session paper at the 15th International Industrial Relations Association in Australia.

 Dr. Alexander S. Leidholdt (Professor, Media Arts and Design) wrote "Battling Nell: The Life of Southern Journalist Cornelia Battle Lewis, 1895-1956." The biography follows the life of one of the first women in the South to run a newspaper's editorial page.

Dr. Laura L. Parks (Assistance Professor, Management) published an article, "Personality, Values, and Motivation" in the journal of Personality and Individual Differences, November 2009.

Dr. J. Peter Pham (Associate Professor, Justice Studies, Political Science and Africana Studies) wrote, "Peripheral Vision: A Model Solution for Somalia," published in RUSI Journal, 154(5), 84-90.  The journal is the flagship publication of the Royal United Services Institute for Defense and Security Studies in London. Pham also wrote a review of Michael Vlahos' "Fighting Identity: Sacred War and World Change," which appeared in RUSI Journal. He also wrote a review of "African Immigrant Religions in America," a volume edited by Jacob Olupona and Regina Gemignani, which was published in Politics and Religion.

Elisabeth K. Whitehead (Part-time Faculty, Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication) published a chapbook of poetry in early 2009.

Dr. Traci A. Zimmerman (Associate Professor, Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication) published "Authors, Audiences, and the Gaps Between" in "Engaging Audience: Writing in an Age of New Literacies." Zimmerman’s article leads "Ebbs and Flows of Audience through Composition and Communication," the second section of the book.