Madison Scholarly News—August 2009



Dr. Cheryl L. Beverly (Professor, Exceptional Education) received $99,734 from the U.S. Department of Education for second-year funding to offer integrated training and practice opportunities that will enhance the competencies of beginning special education teachers for providing effective services and instruction in academic subjects to children with high-incidence disabilities in kindergarten through 12th-grade classrooms.

Penelope Critzer (Director, Shenandoah Valley Child Development Clinic) received $310,000 from the Virginia Department of Health to support the education programs of the clinic.

Dr. Pauline K. Cushman (Interim Head and Professor, Integrated Science and Technology; Professor, Computer Science) and Carole L. Nash (Instructor, Integrated Science and Technology) received $20,000 from Shenandoah National Park to catalog museum objects and field documentation and to create a finding aid for these collections.

Dr. Diane L. Foucar-Szocki (Head, Learning, Technology and Leadership Education; Professor, Adult Education/Human Resource Development) received two grants from the Virginia Department of Education - $200,000 for "Middle Ground Learning Center: 21st Century Community Learning Center, Year 3" to serve students and their families after school, evenings and during summer recess, targeting populations of English-as-a-Second-Language students and low literacy and numeracy native speakers currently enrolled in the school day program at Thomas Harrison Middle School and "Early Engagement 21st Century Community Learning Center, Year 3" to provide similar services at Waterman, Keister and Stone Spring elementary schools.

Dr. Clarence R. Geier (Professor, Anthropology) and Dr. Anna M. Courtier (Assistant Professor, Geology and Environmental Science) received $12,249 from the Virginia Department of Historic Resources for archaeological and geophysical recovery at Camp Starvation/Misery to integrate a number of preservation-oriented groups in an effort to more systematically and completely recover feature and material remains.

Kimberlee Hartzler-Weakley (Administrator, Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services) received $80,000 from the Virginia Department of Health for "Partners in Prevention 2009-2010" to develop and implement a comprehensive plan to address non-marital births and unplanned pregnancies. Hartzler-Weakley received $16,358 from the Virginia Department of Education to provide supplemental educational services to the children of migrant farm workers in collaboration with local school districts and to assess language and educational experience and progress of individual students.

Jane Hubbell (Associate Director, Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services) received $24,000 from the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Community Services Board to provide interpretation services to non-English-speaking clients. Hubbell received $19,905 from the Department of Behavioral Health and Development Services to provide service coordination and special instruction services through the Infant and Toddler Connection of the Shenandoah Valley.

Dr. Chris J. Koski (Assistant Professor, Political Science) received $57,399 from the National Science Foundation for "Collaborative Research: Critical Infrastructure Policy" to research how policy disruptions associated with disasters and other extreme events affect governing in the United States.

Susan F. Lamb (Business Manager, WMRA-FM) received $32,500 from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to provide community broadcast services.

Dr. Jeanne M. Martino-McAllister (Cluster Five Coordinator, General Education; Professor, Health Sciences) received $1,000 from the Prevention Research Center to determine the extent to which AlcoholEdu, an online population-level alcohol prevention program, reduces student alcohol consumption and risky behaviors.

Dr. Grace A. Wyngaard (Professor, Biology) received $1,265 from Ohio University for "Using Web 2.0 Applications to Stimulate Motivational Behavior in Introductory Biology Classes: The Image Project" to explore learning activities suited to large classrooms that channel the hidden curiosity and intrinsic motivations students may already possess.

Dr. Rhonda M. Zingraff (Associate Dean, College of Integrated Science and Technology; Director, Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services), Laura A. Brennan (Project Manager, Bright Futures, Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services) and Dr. Richard E. Ingram (Coordinator, Technology and Special Projects, College of Education) received $177,239 from the Virginia Department of Health to add children's health information for ages 5 through 21 and the remaining themes for ages 0 through 4 to the Virginia Department of Health's Web site.

Dr. Robert H. Zullo (Assistant Professor, Kinesiology) received $787 from the National Collegiate Athletic Association to forge a relationship between the national NCAA 2009 Convention and the JMU Sport and Recreation Management graduate program and undergraduate programs.



Dr. David C. Hayes (Assistant Professor, Accounting), Dr. James Hunton and Dr. Jackie Reck received the American Accounting Association Information Systems Section Notable Contributions to the Literature Award for their paper, "Market Reaction to ERP Implementation Announcements." The award was presented at the AAA annual meeting, which was held in New York City Aug. 1-5.



Dr. Benjamin D. Brewer (Assistant Professor, Sociology) presented a paper, "Reconsidering the Role of Organizational Form and Institutional Context Within Global Commodity Chain Analysis," and served as a discussant on the panel, "Future Directions for World-Systems Analysis," at the annual meetings of the American Sociological Association in San Francisco in August.

Dr. Bethany Bryson (Associate Professor, Sociology), Alex Davis (Alumnus, Sociology) and Laura Rogers (Senior, Sociology) presented a paper, "Own It! Gender Actualization in Reality Makeover Shows," at the American Sociological Association Meetings in San Francisco, Aug. 8-11. Bryson and Matthew Hughey of the University of Virginia presented a paper, "Double Consciousness and the Whiteness of Political Polarization," at the same meetings. Davis presented "Epiphenomenology of the Closet: The Multiplicity of Gender Identities in Everyday Life" and Rogers presented "Helping Others?: Boundary Formation among Volunteers Working with the Homeless" at the meetings.

Dr. Jennifer Byrne (Assistant Professor, Political Science) presented a paper, "Should I Stay or Should I Go? An Exploration of National Identity in the Face of Forced Migration," at the American Political Science Association Annual meeting in Toronto in August.

Dr. J. Barkley Rosser Jr. (Professor, Economics; Kirby L. Cramer Jr. Professor of Business Administration) presented a paper, "The New Institutional Economy and the New Traditional Economy in Korea: Does the Confucian Tradition Give it a Competitive Edge?" which he wrote with Dr. Marina V. Rosser (Professor, Economics), at the conference on Institutions and National Competitiveness at Seoul National University in August.



Dr. Andreas Broscheid (Assistant Professor, Political Science) contributed two chapters to "Klein aber fein! Quantitative empirische Sozialforschung mit kleinen Fallzahlen, edited by Peter Kriwy and Christiance Gross, VS Research, Wiesbaden, 2009. One chapter is on the analysis of small datasets using Bayesian statistics, while the other exemplifies the use of Bayesian analysis in a comparison between U.S. Appeals Court circuits.

Dr. Kerry Dobransky (Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology) wrote "The Good, the Bad, and the Severely Mentally Ill: Official and Informal Labels as Organizational Resources in Community Mental Health Services," which was published in Social Science and Medicine, Vol. 69, 2009, 722-728.

Dr. Nikitah O. Imani (Associate Professor, Sociology) wrote "The War on Jihad: Eurocentrism and Its Thinly-Veiled Attack on Islamic Cultures and Societies," which was published in "Rethinking Global Terrorism," edited by Nedzad Basic and Anwar Siddiqui, 2009, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Dr. John W. Ott (Associate Professor, Art History) wrote an article, "Reform in Redface: The Taos Society of Artists Plays Indian," which was published in the summer 2009 issue of American Art.

Dr. Liliokanaio Peaslee (Assistant Professor, Political Science) and Dr. Nicholas J. Swartz (Assistant Professor, Political Science) completed a project for Pearson Education (Longman Publishers) to develop material for a companion Web site for Pearson Education's State and Local Government textbooks.

Dr. J. Peter Pham (Director, Nelson Institute for International and Public Affairs; Associate Professor, Justice Studies, Political Science and Africana Studies) wrote an essay, "Hans J. Morgenthau and United States Policy toward Africa," which was published in American Foreign Policy Interests, vol. 31, no. 4. Pham also contributed a chapter, "The New Strategic Importance of Africa," which was published in "The Impact of 9/11 on Politics and War," edited by Matthew J. Morgan, published by Palgrave Macmillan. He wrote "Behind the Curve: Corrupt governments cash in on the Millennium Challenge Corporation's outdated metrics," an invited commentary that was published in the fall 2009 issue of the Stanford Social Innovation Review, a journal published by the Center for Social Innovation at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Dr. Stephen Poulson (Assistant Professor, Sociology) published an article, "Nested Institutions, Political Opportunity and the Decline of the Iranian Reform Movement Post 9/11," which was published in the American Behavioral Scientist 53(1):27-43.

Dr. J. Barkley Rosser Jr. (Professor, Economics; Kirby L. Cramer Jr. Professor of Business Administration) and Dr. Marina V. Rosser (Professor, Economics) wrote a paper, "Post-Hayekian Socialism a la Burczak: Observations," which was published in the Review of Austrian Economics, 2009, vol. 22, no. 3, pp. 289-292.



William R. Wilson (Director, Madison Institutes) is a member of the Virginia Commission on Civics Education in conjunction with his role as the coordinator of "Project Citizen" for Virginia. The purposes of the commission include "the education of students on the importance of citizen involvement in a representative democracy, the promotion of the study of state and local government among the commonwealth's citizenry, and the enhancement of communication and collaboration among organizations in the commonwealth that conduct civics education programs."