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Madison Scholarly News — December 2008


Dietrich Maune (Professor, Media Arts and Design) exhibited his photograph, "Path to Western Brook Pond," in the 5th Annual Juried Exhibit at the Band of the Arts in New Bern, N.C., in July and August 2008. Maune was an artist-in-residence at the Montana Artist Refuge in Basin in July 2008.


Dennis C. Barlow (Director, Mine Action Information Center) received $1,500 from RONCO Consulting Corp. for design and production of a RONCO pamphlet.

Dr. David F. Brakke (Dean, College of Science and Mathematics), Dr. Jon Kastendiek (Associate Professor, Biology) and Dr. Christine May (Assistant Professor, Biology) received $50,000 from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation for "Smith Creek, Virginia, Headwaters Brook Trout Restoration" to make substantial improvements in the brook trout resources in the eastern United States by converting riparian and upland pastures to bottomland and upland forests.

Valarie Ghant (Director, Multicultural/International Student Services) received $2,500 from the North Carolina Campus Compact for the 2009 Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service to promote diversity and unity on campus through fun, creative and educational programs as well as through community service projects.

Dr. Reid J. Linn (Dean, The Graduate School; Professor, Exceptional Education), Melinda B. Bright (Co-Director, Virginia Department of Education Region 5 Training and Technical Assistance Center) and Cheryl L. Henderson (Co-Director, T/TAC) received grants of $1,257,145 and $281,911 from the Virginia Department of Education for fiscal year 2009 support of the center.

Christopher B. Nye (Associate Director, Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services) received $12,500 from Rockingham Memorial Hospital for Blue Ridge Area Health Center support to make health care more accessible to the immigrant community of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County.

Dr. James M. Shaeffer (Associate Vice Provost for Outreach and Engagement) received $16,685 from the U.S. Army to create a distance learning course in political science.

Nick D. Swayne (Coordinator for External Relations, College of Education) received $2,000 from Virginia First LEGO and $1,000 from Harrisonburg Tourism and Visitor Services to increase literacy and educational achievement in Harrisonburg by supporting teachers in the Harrisonburg City Public Schools in their use of the Web site.

Dr. Steven J. Whitmeyer (Assistant Professor, Geology and Environmental Science) received $12,736 from the National Science Foundation for "Collaborative Research: Geological and Geophysical Data Analysis Using a Virtual Globe" to establish a methodology for embedding digital mapping data, geophysical survey results and tectonic data from existing paper maps in four-dimensional virtual globe models.

William R. Wilson (Director, Madison Institutes) received two grants from the Center for Civic Education – $3,350 for the "We the People" National Elementary Institute and $2,360 for the "We the People" National Middle School Institute.

Dr. Robert H. Zullo (Assistant Professor, Kinesiology) received $11,589 from Travel, Events and Management in Sports to participate in the 2008 TEAMS Conference. Zullo received $500 from the V Foundation for Cancer Research to create event management guides for the foundation in 3-on-3 basketball, bocce, bike race and tennis.


Dr. Young B. Choi (Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems and Management Science) was recognized by the International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, England, among Leading Scientists of the World, International Scientists of the Year in 2008 and 2000 Outstanding Scientists 2008/2009 and by the American Biographic Institute Inc. among International Profiles of Accomplished Leaders, 2008.

Dr. Dolores L. Flamiano (Associate Professor, Media Arts and Design) won the J. William Snorgrass Memorial Award for the outstanding paper on a minorities topic and the David Sloan Award for the outstanding faculty paper for "Japanese American Internment in Popular Magazines: Race, Citizenship, and Gender in World War II Photojournalism."

Dr. J. Peter Pham (Director, Nelson Institute for International and Public Affairs; Associate Professor, Justice Studies, Political Science and Africana Studies) won the 2008 Nelson Mandela International Essay Competition on African Security and Development for his paper, "Imagining the Congo Secure and Stable." Pham's selection was announced Dec. 4 by the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies in London and the Brenthurst Foundation in Johannesburg, South Africa. The two organizations established the prize three years ago with support from the Nelson Mandela Foundation. RUSI Journal, the institute's flagship defense and security publication, published Pham's essay.


Dr. Katherine Hughes (Assistant Professor, Media Arts and Design) participated in a panel discussion, "Media Convergence: Leaving the Silos Behind," at the University of South Carolina Convergence Conference, "Convergence and Society: The Participatory Web," in October 2008.

Dr. J. Barkley Rosser Jr. (Professor, Economics; Kirby L. Cramer Jr. Professor of Business Administration) presented a keynote address, "Is a Transdisciplinary Perspective on Economic Complexity Possible?" to the combined conference of the Winter Workshop on Economic Heterogeneous Interacting Agents and the Seventh Annual Conference on Computational Intelligence in Economics and Finance at Kainan University in Taoyouan, Taiwan, Dec. 5-7. Rosser also presented a seminar on "Current Issues in Carrying out Economic Experiments" at National Chengchi University in Taipei during the same visit.

Lynne F. Stover (Teacher Consultant, Center for Economic Education) presented "Hot Off the Presses" workshops at the National Council on Economic Education's annual meeting in Mississippi and at the annual conferences of the Virginia Council for the Social Studies and the Virginia Educational Media Association. Stover's presentation shows how recently published titles in children's literature embody grade-appropriate economic content.


Dr. Young B. Choi (Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems and Management Science) wrote, with Jungwoo Ryoo and Gregory Corbin of Pennsylvania State University and Dr. Taehwan H. Oh of Rochester Institute of Technology, "A Multi-Dimensional Classification Framework for Developing Context-Specific Wireless LAN Security Attack Taxonomies," which was published in the International Journal of Mobile Communications, Vol. 7, No. 2, pp. 253-267. All the research work was done using the Internet Telephony (VoIP) groupware over the Internet and e-mail exchanges.

Michael Grundmann (Assistant Professor, Media Arts and Design) has published the October 2008 newsletter for the newspaper division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. Grundmann was elected editor at the August 2008 AEJMC conference in Chicago.

Dr. John E. Guiniven (Associate Professor, Media Arts and Design) writes a monthly column for PR Tactics, a widely read trade publication.

Dr. JoAnne M. Holman (Associate Professor, Media Arts and Design) presented "The Way They See Us: Net Neutrality and the Public Image of Telecommunications Policy" at the Telecommunications Policy Research Conference held at the George Mason University School of Law in September 2008.

Dr. Nancy Nusser (Assistant Professor, Media Arts and Design) published an article about Iraqi refugees who were targeted by terrorists because of their involvement with the U.S. government in Baghdad in the November 2008 issue of Richmond Magazine.

Dr. John Ott (Associate Professor, Art and Art History) published "Labored Stereotypes: Palmer Hayden's The Janitor Who Paints" in the spring 2008 issue of American Art and "How New York Stole the Art Market: Blockbuster Auctions and Bourgeois Identity in Gilded Age America" in the summer/autumn 2008 issue of Winterthur Portfolio.

Dr. J. Barkley Rosser Jr. (Professor, Economics; Kirby L. Cramer Jr. Professor of Business Administration) published an article, "Econophysics and Economic Complexity," in Advances in Complex Systems, 2008, vol. 11, issue 5, pp. 745-760. The article has also been indexed in the Complexity Digest.


Dr. Katherine Hughes (Assistant Professor, Media Arts and Design) partnered with members of Career and Academic Planning at JMU to produce three videos that were used as part of the university's freshman orientation program.

John M. Woody (Professor, Media Arts and Design) conducted a two-day workshop on Final Cut Pro for K-12 teachers attending the North Carolina Educational Technology Conference held in Greensboro Dec. 1-5, 2008.

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