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Madison Scholarly News — October 2008


Emily K. Akerson (Associate Director, Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services) received $7,710 from the Valley Program for Aging Services Inc. to provide educational and administrative services for the program in fiscal year 2009.

Dr. Dolores L. Flamiano (Associate Professor, Media Arts and Design) received $1,250 from the American Journalism Historians Association to support a book project examining social reform photojournalism during the 1930s and 1940s.

Kristin M. Gardner (Associate Director, Student Wellness and Outreach) received $6,000 from the Virginia Department of Health to establish a policy that supports smoking cessation and cessation services through the use of normative non-smoking advertising for the JMU community.

Jane Hubbell (Associate Director, Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services) received $31,500 from the Central Shenandoah Health District to decrease non-marital birth rates in local communities.

Susan F. Lamb (Business Manager, WMRA-FM) received $168,546 from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to provide community broadcast services.

Dr. Jeanne M. Martino-McAllister (Cluster Five Coordinator, General Education; Professor, Health Science) received $1,000 from the Prevention Research Center to determine the extent to which AlcoholEdu, an online population-level alcohol prevention program, reduces student alcohol consumption and risky behaviors.

Christopher B. Nye (Associate Director, Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Service) received two grants from the Virginia Department of Health -- $98,900 to design, direct, implement and evaluate the Virginia WISEWOMAN/Every Woman's Life project that focuses on adding preventive health services such as nutrition and physical activity to breast and cervical cancer screening services and $71,807 to expand the community health workers' community outreach contacts and resources and provide continuing education at the annual Virginia Center for Health Outreach conference. Nye also received $26,599 from Virginia Commonwealth University for interpreting services.

Dr. Judith T. Rocchiccioli (Professor, Nursing) received $27,202 from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for "Advanced Education Nursing Traineeship Stipends for the Underserved Rural Virginia" to support full- and part-time, current and future graduate students in the nurse practitioner and nurse educator tracks at JMU.


Dr. Kathleen G. Arthur (Professor Emerita, Art and Art History) received the Award for Exemplary Achievement from the Southeastern College Art Conference. The most prestigious award given by the professional organization, the honor recognizes Arthur's personal and professional development and long-standing service to SECAC.

Dr. Young B. Choi (Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems and Management Science) received the Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association Dedicated Service Plaque in recognition of his service as the 36th publications director of the executive committee at the 2008 U.S.-Korea Conference, which was held Aug. 14-17 in San Diego. The award was given to recognize her publication work as editor-in-chief of KSEA Letters.

Dr. Anne L. Stewart (Professor, Psychology) received the 2008 Association for Play Therapy Service Award for outstanding organizational service to APT or its Foundation for Play Therapy during the professional organization's Oct. 14-19 conference in Addison, Texas. Stewart serves as president of the Virginia branch, which earned a 2008 Gold Branch Award, and is a member of the APT Research Committee, the editorial board of the peer-reviewed International Journal of Play Therapy.

Dr. Anne L. Stewart (Professor, Psychology) received the Virginia Counselors Association Humanitarian and Caring Person Award for her outstanding service at the local, state, national and international levels.


Dr. Young B. Choi (Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems and Management Science) presented his recent research work on security at the 9th Korean Computer Scientists and Engineers Association in America Technical Symposium held Oct. 25-26 in Vienna, Va.

Dr. Clarence Geier (Professor, Anthropology) presented a paper, "The Night they Drove Old Dixie Down," one of a series of presentations regarding plans to design a strategy for the preservation of historic resources of Virginia made at the 68th Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Society of Virginia in Martinsville. Geier and Dr. Laura Galke of the George Washington Foundation also presented "An End of Tradition: A Time of New Beginnings" at the same meeting. The former paper and the research associated with it will be used to develop standards used by the Virginia Department of Historic Resources to evaluate threats to the Civil War archaeological heritage of the state, while the latter paper and the research associated with it will be used in evaluating threats to archaeological sites in Virginia that date to the period of the Reconstruction through World War I.

Dr. Steven R. Harper (Assistant Professor, Management) presented "Using Social Network Analysis to Determine an Institution Status" at the 2008 Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences annual meeting in Washington, D.C., in October.

Dr. W. Christopher Hughes (Associate Professor, Physics) participated in "Ballet: The Body in Motion," a video demonstration and panel discussion focusing on ballet's physical demands. In addition to Hughes' perspective as a physicist, a choreographer-teacher and a physiologist were part of the panel.

Dr. Joan Kindig (Associate Professor, Reading Education) presented "Helping Children Read: Stages, Strategies and Titles" at the Oct. 16 meeting of the Alexandria Tutoring Consortium.

Dr. Laura Lewis (Professor, Anthropology) was a panelist for the conference, "The African Presence in Mexico," which was sponsored by the journal Callaloo and the Johns Hopkins Center for Africana Studies, College Station, Texas, Oct. 22 and 23.

Dr. J. Peter Pham (Director, Nelson Institute for International and Public Affairs; Associate Professor, Justice Studies, Political Science and Africana Studies) was a panelist for "U.S. Strategy and Security Interests in Africa," a session of a symposium sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research held Oct. 1 in Washington, D.C. The symposium, which was organized to mark the operational launch of the United States Africa Command, focused on the theme of "AFRICOM and Beyond: The Future of U.S.-African Security and Defense Relations."

Dr. J. Barkley Rosser Jr. (Professor, Economics; Kirby L. Cramer Jr. Professor of Business Administration) presented "How Complex Are the Austrians" at the How Austrian is Austrian Economics Conference at the Wirth Center at the University of Toronto held Oct. 17-18.

Dr. Megan Tracy (Assistant Professor, Anthropology) presented a paper, "Pasteurizing China's Grasslands and Sealing in Terroir," at the conference, "Places of Knowledge: Relocating Science, Technology and Medicine," at Cornell University in October. The conference was held in conjunction with Cornell University, the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology and the University of Uppsala.


Dr. Paul E. Bierly III (Zane Showker Professor of Entrepreneurship; Director, MBA Programs; Professor, Management), Dr. Scott R. Gallagher (Associate Professor, International Business and Management) and J.C. Spender wrote an article, "Innovation and Learning in High Reliability Organizations: A Case Study of U.S. and Russian Nuclear Attack Submarines, 1970-2000," which was published in IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 55(3): 393-408.

Dr. J. Peter Pham (Director, Nelson Institute for International and Public Affairs; Associate Professor, Justice Studies, Political Science and Africana Studies) wrote an essay, "What is in the National Interest? Hans Morgenthau's Realist Vision and American Foreign Policy." The essay was published in a special presidential election issue of American Foreign Policy Interests.


Dr. Stephen P. Bolstad (Professor, Music) was a guest conductor at the Montana High School Association All-State Music Festival, held Oct. 16-17 at Great Falls High School. He led the all-state band at the festival.

Dr. Mark E. Mattson (Assistant Professor, Physics; Assistant Director, Science and Mathematics Learning Center) and Dr. David A. Slykhuis (Assistant Professor, Education) were appointed to the 13-member core team to pilot the development and release of an open-source physics "flexbook" for Virginia. Their selection was announced Oct. 20 by Secretary of Technology Aneesh Chopra and Secretary of Education Tom Morris. The electronic material in the future Virginia Physics "Flexbook" will focus on high-school physics and will contain contemporary and emerging 21st century physics and modern laboratory experiments.

Dr. James M. Shaeffer Sr. (Associate Vice Provost for Outreach and Engagement) has been appointed as a member of the Army Education Advisory Committee, which provides independent advice and recommendations in matters pertaining to the educational, doctrinal, research policies and activities of the U.S. Army's educational programs.

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