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Madison Scholarly News — March 2007


Dr. Earlynn J. Miller (Professor Emerita, Dance) received the Heritage Award from the National Dance Association, part of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, March 15 during AAHPERD's national convention and exposition in Baltimore. Presented annually since 1963, the award recognizes outstanding contribution of national or international significance to dance in teaching excellence, administration of a dance program, research or publication, consulting, choreography, performance, notation or related arts. Miller joined JMU in 1969 to develop the dance program and devoted her career to the university, retiring in 1999.

The Department of Human Resources has received an award from the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources Southern Region for its creation of the Employee Mediation Services Center. The CUPA-HR Southern Region's Successful Practices Award is presented to a team that demonstrates creativity, process improvement or professional achievement through the implementation of a significant new practice that contributes to the overall excellence of the institution's human resource programs, services and/or administration. Members of the HR staff, Keri Sue Brunk and Sandra Anderson, accepted the award on behalf of the department March 12 at the CUPA-HR Southern Region's annual conference in New Orleans.

Dr. Kurt Schick (Interim Coordinator, University Writing Center; Assistant Professor, Writing and Rhetoric Studies) was awarded the Defense Meritorious Service Medal by the Secretary of Defense for exceptional performance on the graduate faculty of the National Defense Intelligence College, Washington, D.C.

Sang Yoon (Professor, Art and Art History) has received a Fulbright Grant for research in Seoul, South Korea, in fall 2007.


Susan D. Zurbrigg (Assistant Professor, Art and Art History) began exhibiting a collection of her sculptures and paintings at Eastern Mennonite University's Hartzler Library gallery March 12.


Dr. Joseph R. Blandino (Associate Professor, Integrated Science and Technology) received $5,539 from Dynamic Aviation Group Inc. to provide services associated with strain and vibration on an aircraft-mounted synthetic aperture radar.

Dr. Corey L. Cleland (Associate Professor, Biology) received $6,000 from the National Science Foundation for "RUI: Sensorimotor Transformation in the Withdrawal Reflex" to improve understanding of the principles by which the nervous system coordinates muscles across joints and solves the "degrees of freedom" problem in motor control.

Ronn M. Daniel (Assistant Professor, Art and Art History) and Dawn M. Hachenski (Assistant Professor, Art and Art History) received $1,700 from DuPont to promote the South River Science Team public information exhibit to a wider audience.

Dr. Steven W. Evans (Director, Alvin V. Baird Learning Disabilities Center; Professor, Psychology) received $173,660 from the National Institutes of Health for "Developing School-Based Treatment of ADHD Adolescents" to complete a small controlled clinical trial to obtain the necessary pilot data to potentially support a larger-scale evaluation and to develop treatment fidelity measures.

Dr. Reid N. Harris (Professor, Biology) received $6,000 from the National Science Foundation to conduct research on amphibian cutaneous bacteria to provide information for conservation efforts.

Jane Hubbell (Adjunct Assistant Professor, Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services) received $79,907 from the Virginia Department of Health to implement, enhance and evaluate comprehensive community-based youth suicide prevention/early intervention programming. Hubbell also received $14,000 from the Governor's Office for Substance Abuse Prevention to collect, compile, analyze and present data on youth surveys done in Virginia and selected other states. She also received $5,412 from Crossroads to Brain Injury Recovery Inc. to provide services to individuals affected by brain injuries.

Susan F. Lamb (Business Manager, WMRA-FM) received $121,270 from the Virginia Public Broadcasting Board to provide community broadcast services.

Dr. Kristi L. Lewis (Assistant Professor, Health Sciences) received $4,968 from the University of Kentucky for "Longitudinal analysis of seasonal influenza in the United States: 1997-98 to 2006-07."

Dr. Laura Lewis (Associate Professor, Anthropology) received $40,000 from the National Endowment for the Humanities to explore variable identities among "black" Mexicans in both Mexico and North Carolina.

Dr. Jeanne M. Martino-McAllister (Professor, Health Sciences) and

Dr. Theresa M. Wessel (Professor, Health Sciences) received $32,081 from the Virginia Tobacco Settlement Foundation to support the delivery of Prevention Basics Workshops for current practitioners who are either new to prevention or experienced practitioners who wish to make sure that their prevention practices are current.

Christopher B. Nye (Executive Director, Blue Ridge Area Health Education Center) received $8,324 from the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Community Services Board for to provide the services of system manager for the Community Service Board's Infant-Toddler Connection Program.

Dr. Terrie K. Rife (Assistant Professor, Biology) and Dr. Jonathan D. Monroe (Professor, Biology) received $94,500 from the National Science Foundation for "REU Site: Shenandoah Valley Consortium in Molecular Biology" to provide students with independent research experiences and to give students opportunities to observe how molecular biology is becoming more integrated and collaborative within biology and other scientific disciplines.

Dr. Zewelanji N. Serpell (Assistant Professor, Psychology; Director of Research, Alvin V. Baird Attention and Learning Disabilities Center) received $1,500 from Eli Lilly & Co. to sponsor "Raising the Bar: Improving the Standard of Care for Individuals with ADHD," a widely attended conference.

Dr. Daniel A. Wubah (Special Assistant to the President; Professor, Biology) received $94,244 from the National Science Foundation to provide a Research Experience for Undergraduates site program whereby students from U.S. universities will travel to the University of Cape Coast in Ghana during the summer to work on defined research projects under the mentorship of Ghanaian scientists.


Dr. Suzanne C. Baker (Assistant Head and Professor, Psychology), G.W. Hill and M. McCarthy presented “Enhancing undergraduate program quality: Benchmarks for evaluating student learning outcomes” at a symposium conducted at the annual meeting of the Southeastern Psychological Association, New Orleans, in February.

Dr. Pamela R. Gibson (Professor, Psychology) and student A. Lindberg presented "What do we know about multiple chemical sensitivity: An overview of the research" at the 8th International Conference of the International Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (IACFS) "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and other Related Illnesses" Jan. 12-14 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Gibson and students A. Lindberg, N. Marston and J. Merkel presented "Physicians' perceptions and practices regarding patient reports of chemical sensitivity" at the conference.

Dr. William Hawk (Head and Professor, Philosophy and Religion) and Taz Daughtrey (Lecturer, Computer Science) were respondents to "Do We Live in an Evolving Creation? Traditional and Process Theology Perspectives," a lecture presented by Dr. Howard Van Till, Emeritus Professor of Physics at Calvin College. The presentation was held at Eastern Mennonite University.

Betty Hoskins (Writing Consultant, University Writing Center) presented a paper, "Ethics and Empathy in the Writing Center," and chaired two sessions, "Service Learning and Learning Communities" and "The Ethical Dilemma: Confessional Narratives," at the spring 2007 conference of the College English Association in New Orleans.

Dr. Nikitah Imani (Associate Professor, Sociology) presented three sessions at the Southern Sociological Society annual meetings in Atlanta: "Listening to Their Voices: Hearing Impairment" in a panel discussion; "The New Frontier for Theorizing about Stratification and Social Justice" in a panel discussion; and a teach-in on the Iraqi War.

Dr. Arnold S. Kahn (Professor, Psychology) presented “Diverse Voices of Feminism” at a symposium at the National Multicultural Conference in Seattle Jan. 24-26.

Erin Lambert (Assistant Professor, Writing and Rhetoric Studies/University Writing Center), Karen McDonnell (Instructor, Writing and Rhetoric Studies/University Writing Center), Dr. Kurt Schick (Interim Coordinator, University Writing Center; Assistant Professor, Writing and Rhetoric Studies), Laura Schubert (Instructor, Writing and Rhetoric Studies/University Writing Center) and Dr. Mark Thomas (Assistant Professor, Writing and Rhetoric Studies) presented their research on supporting college-level reading at the International Writing Centers Association Conference in Houston. Schick presented two additional papers, "Ethical Frontiers of Teaching Writing and Thinking: Critical Literacy in a Hyper-Mediated Democracy" at the International Conference on Writing as Critical Thinking Across the Disciplines at Quinnipiac University in November 2006 and "Learning to Write as Ben Franklin Did" at the Mid-Atlantic Writing Centers Association Conference in Philadelphia, March 2007.

Geraldine Poppke (Graduate Assistant, University Writing Center) presented a paper, "Living in a 'Hieroglyphic World': Wharton's 'The Age of Innocence,'" at the Madison Conference. She also presented "'Das Nibelungenlied': Oral vs. Textual Tradition" at the Medieval and Renaissance Forum at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire.

Dr. Sherry L. Serdikoff (Associate Professor, Psychology), students D.J. Hoffman, J.P. Erb and S.H. Robertson presented a poster, "The effects of saccharin concentration on saccharin consumption and preference," at the annual meeting of the Maryland Association for Behavior Analysis in Baltimore in December 2006. Serdikoff and students R.A. Sheldon, A.L. Durgin and M.A. Young presented a poster, "Examining resistance to change following variable-interval reinforcement in Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) using the Spontaneously Hypertensive Rat (SHR) as an animal model," at the meeting.

Dr. Julie P. Solometo (Assistant Professor, Anthropology) participated in Archaeology and War, a public symposium held March 2 at George Mason University.

Dr. Joe Spear (Assistant Professor, Sociology) presented a paper, "A Sociological Look at Sociology's Cumulation 'Problem,'" at the Southern Sociological Society annual meetings in Atlanta.

Esther Stenson (Writing Consultant, University Writing Center) presented a reading of her poetry at a writer's conference, Mennonite/s Writing: Beyond Borders, held at Bluffton University in Ohio in October 2006. She also presented a paper, "Donne and Anabaptists," at the annual Southeast Regional Conference on Christianity and Literature held at Loyola University in New Orleans.


Dr. Suzanne C. Baker (Assistant Head and Professor, Psychology), D.S. Dunn, M. McCarthy, J.S. Halonen and G.W. Hill published "Quality benchmarks in undergraduate psychology programs" in American Psychologist.

Dr. Steven W. Evans (Director, Alvin V. Baird Learning Disabilities Center; Professor, Psychology) and students K. Van Eck and L.J. Ulmer published "From evidence-based to best practices: What does it mean?" in the Report on Emotional & Behavioral Disorders in Youth.

Dr. David R. Fordham (PBGH Faculty Fellow; Professor, Accounting) was recognized for his publishing productivity in the Winter 2006 issue of the Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting. His main research interests are wireless networking and wireless information security. A tally of the number of articles and authors on these topics showed Fordham ranking 12th nationally in the number of articles published, with JMU as a whole ranking 10th. The journal is the flagship publication of the American Accounting Association's Section on Artificial Intelligence and Accounting Technology.

Dr. Joann H. Grayson (Professor, Psychology) published "Teen dating violence: How schools can help" and "Spotlight: Virginia's nurturing parenting programs" in Virginia Child Protection Newsletter, 78, 8-10 and "Virginia's prevention plan - an update" in Virginia Child Protection Newsletter, 78, 11. Grayson published "Teen dating violence" in the Virginia Youth Advisory Council Newsletter, "Sexual abuse by educators and school staff" in the CornerHouse Interagency Child Abuse Evaluation and Training Center Training Manual, Minneapolis, Minn., and "Parents with serious mental illness" in Protective Services Training Institute of Texas online training module, University of Texas at Austin.

Dr. Arnold S. Kahn (Professor, Psychology), J. Yoder, A. Fischer and J. Groden published "Changes in students' explanations for gender differences after taking a psychology of women class: More constructionist and less essentialist" in the Psychology of Women Quarterly.

Dr. Ari Kohen (Assistant Professor, Justice Studies) has had his first book, "Defense of Human Rights: A Non-Religious Grounding in a Pluralistic World," published by Routledge Press.

Dr. Natalie Kerr Lawrence (Assistant Professor, Psychology), D.R. Forsyth, J.L. Burnette and R.F. Baumeister published "Attempting to improve the academic performance of struggling college students by bolstering their self-esteem: An intervention that backfired" in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology. Lawrence also published "An interview with Roy Baumeister" in Teaching of Psychology.

Dr. Laura Lewis (Associate Professor, Anthropology) published an article, "From Sodomy to Superstition: The Active Pathic and Bodily Transgressions in Colonial New Spain," in the journal Ethnohistory. The article was part of a special issue on Colonial Latin American Sexualities 54 (1), Winter 2007.

Dr. Aashir Nasim (Associate Professor, Psychology), F.Z. Belgrave, R.J. Jagers, K.D. Wilson and K. Owens published "The moderating effects of culture on peer deviance and alcohol use among high-risk African American adolescents" in the Journal of Drug Education.

Dr. Bryan K. Saville (Assistant Professor, Psychology) published "A guide to teaching research methods in psychology" for Blackwell, Malden, Mass.

Dr. Kurt Schick (Interim Coordinator, University Writing Center; Assistant Professor, Writing and Rhetoric Studies) published an article, "Rhetoric, Ethics, & National Intelligence," in Defense Intelligence Journal, Spring 2007.

Lynne F. Stover (Teaching Consultant, Center for Economic Education) published "Magical Library Lessons: Holiday Happenings," a book that focuses on holidays and times of celebration to grab students' interest and teach them research skills, literary terms and writing techniques. The book, for use in grades 4 through 8, was published by Highsmith's Upstart Books division.


Dr. Suzanne C. Baker (Assistant Head and Professor, Psychology), served as an external consultant for Elon University's psychology department program review.

Dr. Joann H Grayson (Professor, Psychology) led a discussion about EMU Theatre Department's production of Medea as a "Talkback" guest Feb. 22. Grayson also appeared in WMRA's "Insight" in January.

Dr. Sherry L. Serdikoff (Associate Professor, Psychology) has been asked to serve a three-year term as the Applied Behavior Analysis program chair for the Eastern Psychological Association, beginning with the 2008 conference in Boston.

Dr. Michael L. Stoloff (Head and Professor, Psychology), Dr. Steven W. Evans (Director, Alvin V. Baird Learning Disabilities Center; Professor, Psychology) and Dr. Joann H. Grayson (Professor, Psychology) participated in the Rockingham Memorial Hospital-JMU Collaboration Jan. 26.

Dr. Michael L. Stoloff (Head and Professor, Psychology) served as an external consultant for St. Joseph's University psychology department program review.

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