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Madison Scholarly News — April 2006


Dr. Lennis G. Echterling (Professor, Graduate Psychology; Director, Counseling Psychology) was appointed to the Terrorism and Disaster Behavioral Health Advisory Council for Virginia, which was formed by the governor’s office to provide guidance to Virginia’s key disaster-response entities. The council’s membership includes disaster experts from state agencies, community services boards, American Red Cross, military and academic institutions.

Dr. JoAnne M. Holman (Associate Professor, Media Arts and Design) was invited to join the Consumer Affairs and Outreach Working Group of the Consumer Advisory Committee, Federal Communications Commission. The committee is to make recommendations to the FCC regarding consumer issues within the jurisdiction of the commission and to facilitate the participation of consumers in proceedings before the commission.


Three faculty from the College of Arts and Letters received the 2006 Edna T. Shaeffer Humanist Award for summer research and writing on scholarly research project in the humanities, announced March 28: Dr. Liam Buckley (Assistant Professor, Anthropology) will research his project, "Is There a Home Away from Home? West African Portraiture and Transnational Aesthetics"; Dr. Maged Mikhail (Assistant Professor, History) will research "Egypt from Late Antiquity to Early Islam"; Dr. Debali Mookerjea-Leonard (Assistant Professor, English) will research "The Paradox of Independence: Literature and the Trauma of Partition" referring to the division of British India into India and Pakistan that accompanied decolonization in 1947. The award of $4,000 each is funded through a bequest of the late Evelyn Pugh, a 1936 Madison graduate and a career English teacher and is named in honor of Shaeffer, a music faculty member from 1915 to 1956.

Dr. Joann H. Grayson (Professor, Psychology) was selected to receive the 2006 Champion for Children Award by Prevent Child Abuse Virginia, which recognizes a long-term commitment to and investment in Virginia’s children and their families by individuals and organizations.

Dr. Steve Stewart (Professor, Health Sciences) was selected to receive the American Association of Health Education's 2006 Professional Service to the Health Education Award for 2006, presented at the AAHE/American Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance national convention, April 28. The award honors an individual who has demonstrated substantial service to AAHE as an officer, committee member, program participant and leadership to the health education profession.


Mark D. Rooker (Assistant Professor, Art and Art History) is exhibiting his artwork that tells science-fiction stories, “Mark Rooker: Jewelry,” at Pittsburg State University in Kansas through April 5. Rooker also designed the exhibition’s interactive display in PSU’s University Gallery.


Melinda S. Burchard (Learning Strategies Coordinator, Disability Services) received $300 from Phi Delta Kappa to assist students with disabilities in the development of independence, responsibility and effective self-advocacy.

Sgt. Margaret A. Campbell (Crime Prevention Coordinator, Police and Safety) received $6,000 from CINTAS Corp. to obtain Automated External Defibrillators for the JMU police department.

C. Scott Coverstone (Support Services Division Commander, Police and Safety) received $95,248 from the Virginia Department of Emergency Management to provide equipment, training, planning and exercises for first responders to develop better preparedness to prevent, respond and recover from potential acts of terrorism.

Dr. Dorothy J. Della Noce (Assistant Professor, Communication Studies) received $8,056 from the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation Inc. to direct and execute the institute’s knowledge creation and dissemination function.

Dr. Daniel M. Downey (Professor, Chemistry) received $8,000 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service to inventory water quality of forest streams and to monitor the effects on stream water chemistry.

Dr. Steven W. Evans (Director, Alvin V. Baird Learning Disabilities Center; Professor, Psychology) received $1,500 from Eli Lilly & Co. to sponsor an attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder conference.

Dr. Joanne V. Gabbin (Executive Director, Furious Flower Poetry Center; Professor, English) received $20,000 from the R.R. Donnelley Foundation to promote poetry while assisting trauma survivors of Hurricane Katrina through producing an anthology of poetry written by hurricane survivors, observers and professional poets.

Elizabeth Haworth (Assistant Director, Furious Flower Poetry Center) received $500 from the Arts Council of the Valley for “Nikki Giovanni Presents ‘Truth Is On Its Way’: The 35th Anniversary Celebration Concert.”

Dr. W. Christopher Hughes (Assistant Professor, Physics) and Dr. Gerald R. Taylor (Director Emeritus, Center for Materials Science; Professor Emeritus, Physics and Integrated Science and Technology) received $67,000 from the National Science Foundation to provide research experiences for undergraduates involving faculty from five academic departments and to focus on providing high-quality research experiences in materials science.

Henry A. Reeves (Director, Small Business Development Center) received $380,875 from the U.S. Small Business Administration to provide technical advice and guidance and to serve as a business and economic information focal point for small businesses.

Dr. Rosa E. Rivera-Hainaj (Assistant Professor, Chemistry) received $174,775 from the National Science Foundation to attract more students from under-represented backgrounds to obtain undergraduate degrees in the biological and chemical sciences.

Dr. Joseph D. Rumbo (Assistant Professor, Sociology) received a Faculty Initiative Development Grant from the Office of International Programs to present two papers at two conferences: "Exploring the Symbolic Universe of the Rainbow: A Framework for Doing Consumer Research at the Market's Edge," at the Annual Asia-Pacific Region Conference of the Association for Consumer Research in June 2006 in Sydney, Australia, and "Cultivating Alternative Self-Schemas and Lifestyles: Resisting the Normativity of Consumerism," to be presented at the International Centre for Anti-Consumption Research, also in June 2006, in Auckland, New Zealand.

Dr. Lynne F. Stover (Teacher Consultant, Center for Economic Education) received $1,647 from the National Council on Economic Education to conduct a teacher-training workshop on the Mathematics and Economics: Connections for Life, 3-5 curriculum series.


Dr. Grace A. Wyngaard (Professor, Biology) gave a presentation on reforms of the biology department's curriculum at the Biology Leadership Conference: Shaping the Future of Introductory Biology for Majors III, held in Bermuda.

Dr. Helmut Kraenzle (Professor, Integrated Science and Technology; Professor and Director, Master’s Program in Remote Sensing and GIS at the United Arab Emirates University) presented the keynote address, "Tracking Shipping Containers with a Geospatial Information System for National Security," on the National Security Track of the Map Middle East 2006 Conference on Geospatial, Technology and Application, held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, March 26-29.

Dr. Laura Lewis (Associate Professor, Anthropology) presented "Performing La América in Black-Indian Mexico: Race, Gender and the Nation," on the panel Place, Space and Stage: Performing Gender in the Americas at the XXVI International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association, San Juan, Puerto Rico, March. She also chaired the panel.

Dr. Laura Lewis (Associate Professor, Anthropology) presented her current research at the Afro-Mexican Studies Symposium at the Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum, Chicago, March 31-April 1.

Dr. Stephen Poulson (Assistant Professor, Sociology) presented "Political Opportunities, Legitimacy and the Strategies of Violence among Movement Groups in Iraq," at the Southern Sociological Society Annual Meeting, New Orleans, March 24.

Dr. Christine M. Robinson (Assistant Professor, Sociology and Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies) presented "The Social Structure of the Ex-Gay Movement in Virginia" at the Virginia Social Science Association Meeting in Richmond, March 25.


Dr. J. Peter Pham (Assistant Professor, Justice Studies; Director, Nelson Institute for International and Public Affairs) wrote “Strategic Horizons,” a review essay published in the Spring 2006 issue of The National Interest, no. 83. The essay in the foreign policy journal focuses on four books published in 2005: “American Global Strategy and the ‘War on Terrorism’” by Hall Gardner, “The American Era: Power and Strategy for the 21st Century” by Robert J. Lieber, “New Glory: Expanding America’s Global Supremacy” by Ralph Peters and “Taming American Power: The Global Response to U.S. Primacy” by Stephen M. Walt. Pham also wrote “Torture, Democracy and the War on Terrorism,” an essay published in vol. 6, no. 4 of The Long Term View, a journal of the Massachusetts School of Law at Andover. Pham presented the essay at a symposium, sponsored by the law school, which focused on the question “Are Our Highest Officials Guilty of Torture?”

Dr. Stephen Poulson (Assistant Professor, Sociology) published "Iranian Public Opinion Matters," in the "Roanoke Times," March 19.

Dr. Grace A. Wyngaard (Professor, Biology) is one of four authors of “Genetic architecture of the cryptic species complex of Acanthocyclops vernalis (Crustacea: Copepoda) II. Crossbreeding experiments, cytogenetics and a model of chromosomal evolution,” an article published in the February issue of Evolution. (Click here for a NSF brief on the article.)

Sang Yoon (Professor, Art and Art History) had two logo designs, one for the Furious Flower Poetry Center at JMU and the other for Rich Cleaners, selected for publication in “American Corporate Identity 22.” Harper Collins Publishers will release the full-color hardback book in late 2006. Yoon will receive a Certificate of Design Excellence for her work.

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