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Buckley, Lewis Join Ranks of Scholarly Journal Editors

By Janet Smith, JMU Media Relations

Dr. Laura Lewis and Dr. Liam Buckley

Dr. Laura Lewis and Dr. Liam Buckley flip through issues of Visual Anthropology Review, which they will edit for the next three years..

Two cultural anthropologists are the latest James Madison University faculty members to join the ranks of editors of scholarly journals with national or international audiences.

Assistant Professor Liam Buckley and Associate Professor Laura A. Lewis are at the helm of six issues of Visual Anthropology Review, which they will edit during a three-year term. Their initial issue was published this spring.

Buckley and Lewis are members of the Society of Visual Anthropology, a section of the American Anthropological Association and the professional organization that publishes the journal as part of its service to members. Buckley, who is an executive board member of the society, was asked to edit VAR and approached Lewis about joining forces to produce the journal.

"Her experience in publishing books made Laura the person I wanted as co-editor," Buckley said. Lewis is currently working on her second book, "Narratives of History, Race and Place in the Making of Black Mexico," which will follow her "Hall of Mirrors: Power, Witchcraft and Caste in Colonial Mexico," the winner of the 2004 Wheeler-Voegelin Award for Best Book from the American Society for Ethnohistory. In addition, Lewis serves on the editorial board for another professional journal, Ritual, Witchcraft and Magic.

Buckley is also delving into book publication, writing the manuscript for "The Elegance of Independence: Beauty and Photography in Gambian Civic Life." He brings specific journal production experience to the new venture in that he was an editorial assistant for VAR when he was a graduate student at the University of Virginia.

The journal, the premiere publication in visual anthropology, was founded in 1990 to advance scholarship in the relatively young field of study. "Visual anthropology explores the use of images for the description, analysis, communication and interpretation of human behavior," Buckley said.

He and Lewis will continue VAR's coverage of visual aspects of culture by editing articles, reviews and commentary written by anthropologists, critics and image makers. Journal articles will explore a wide range of work on the study of visual aspects of human behavior and the use of visual media – film, video, photography, folk arts and fine arts – in anthropological research, representation and teaching.

Lewis and Buckley anticipate that serving as editors of the professional journal will bring added dimensions to their teaching at JMU.

"Editing the journal is in and of itself a scholarly achievement because, as editors, we make decisions about what it published, and hence, direct for a wider audience the field of visual anthropology," Lewis said.

Buckley looks forward to the editor's role "since editing is a creative and collaborative activity that will allow us to actively engage with authors who are conducting new research and establishing new scholarship in this field."

Through their service, Lewis said, "Liam and I will read state-of-the-art work in visual anthropology and immediately integrate this scholarship into our own respective teaching and research."

Faculty colleagues of Buckley and Lewis also drive scholarship and derive insights from their own editing of national and international professional journals.

Dr. Dennis C. Beck, assistant professor of theater and dance
Published twice annually by the American Society for Theatre Research for theater scholars who have research agendas – generally, people who hold Ph.D.s in theater history, performance history, performance studies, criticism, dramaturgy and theater studies.
January 2007 issue marks his third year as editor
When he took the helm, "ASTR News" was a print publication. Beck began publishing the journal on the Web as well and now it is completely Web-based at

Dr. Anthony J. Eksterowicz, professor of political science
Dr. Glenn P. Hastedt, head and professor of justice studies, professor of political science
White House Studies Published quarterly by Nova Science Publishers, White House Studies focuses on interdisciplinary scholarship and commentary on White House history and politics as well as on the presidents and presidential spouses. The White House subscribes to the journal.
Eksterowicz and Hastedt began editing the journal in 2006. Prior to becoming co-editor, Eksterowicz was an associate editor of the journal for five years.
The print publication is abstracted or indexed in several scholarly sources.

Dr. Sushil Mittal, associate professor of religion and director of the Mahatma Gandhi Center for Global Nonviolence
International Journal of Hindu Studies Published three times annually by Springer in the Netherlands for scholars interested in critical inquiry and historical investigations into all aspects of Hindu traditions.
Mittal established the journal in 1997 while in graduate school at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, and has edited it since then.
Available in print and electronic forms at

Dr. J. Barkley Rosser Jr., Kirby L. Kramer Chair of Business Administration, professor of economics
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization Published monthly by Elsevier, a commercial publisher, for a multidisciplinary audience, mostly economists. The journal is ranked as the 14th most influential of economics journals among social science at large.
Rosser has edited the journal for five years.
It is available in print and electronic forms,

Dr. Brenda M. Ryals, professor of communication sciences and disorders
Ear and Hearing
Published bimonthly by the American Auditory Society for an international, multidisciplinary professional audience interested in understanding the ear, hearing and balance. The journal is read by professionals in audiology, otolaryngology, acoustical engineering, psychoacoustics and the hearing aid industry.
Ryals has edited the journal since July 2006. From 1994 to 2001 she was the journal's Hearing Science section editor.
Ear and Hearing is a print-based journal. Members of the American Auditory Society have access to articles online prior to print publication.
The URL is

Dr. Barbara S. Stern, associate professor of secondary education
Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue
Published annually in October by the American Association of Teaching and Curriculum for teacher educators, teachers, doctoral students and school administrators concerned with broad issues involving pre-kindergarten through adult level teaching and learning.
Stern is completing her final year of a three-year term as editor and was recently reappointed by the AATC executive committee to a second term at the journal's helm.
The journal is a print-based publication with online access to past volumes (with a five- year time lag).
The journal can be accessed via

Published June 2007 by JMU Media Relations