Promotores De Salud Graduation


On Saturday, October 24, 2015, the Promotores de Salud program held a ceremony for its nine new graduates.  The graduates completed a 40 hour basic health education training, with classes held each Saturday for 10 weeks, commencing in August.  During the course of their training, students enrolled in JMU’s Physician Assistant Program and local health professionals taught them health-related information such as nutrition, physical activity, hypertension, family planning, substance abuse, heart health, diabetes, and about the South and South Fork River Fish Advisories.  During the graduation ceremonies, each of the participants were congratulated on their training accomplishment, given a certificate of training completion, and provided with an official Promotores de Salud badge.  Family members, as well as other previously trained Promotores de Salud, were in the audience offering congratulatory praise to each of the graduates as they were individually recognized and received their certificate. 

Deb Foy, the former Promotores de Salud coordinator, wished everyone well in their new endeavor and gave her farewell to those in attendance in her last official duty as the program coordinator.  She then introduced Carmen Moreno as the new coordinator.  Carmen took a few moments to share her professional experiences and also offered her appreciation for her new role in the program. 

The new graduates have continued their commitment to the Promotores de Salud program by communicating and documenting health messages to fellow members of their community.  Monthly meetings where they will receive health-related continuing education classes and the opportunity to touch base with other promotores de salud will begin in early February, 2016. 

Please contact Carmen Moreno if you would like additional information about the Promotores de Salud program.  540.568.5284 or

Published: Friday, October 30, 2015

Last Updated: Monday, July 10, 2017

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