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Counseling Connections

Counseling Connections

We created the Counseling Connections program to assist incoming students, with previous or existing mental health concerns, in connecting with local mental health resources. We want to make sure those students have the information and resources they need before they arrive on campus. Counseling Connections is a 30-minute phone consultation between a CC clinician and incoming students and their parents. During the conversation, the CC clinician will ask questions about the situation and offer treatment recommendations. We want incoming students to be connected with the services that would best meet their needs. Sometimes we offer a service at the Counseling Center that would be the best fit and other times there is another campus or community resource that is more appropriate. The Counseling Connection conversation does not establish the student as a client of the Counseling Center. 

If you are interested in referral information from a clinician in the community, you do not need to schedule a Counseling Connections appointment. You can search our provider database for their contact information.

Frequent Recommendations

  • Schedule an initial appointment at the Counseling Center for clinical services when you arrive on campus. 
  • Connect with a clinician in the community. Referrals will be provided. 
  • Continue receiving services from your current treatment provider(s). 
  • Access services through another JMU office or department.

Important Suggestions

In order to ensure your wellbeing, success, and health, it is recommended that you continue with the prescribed treatments that you were pursuing before coming to college. If you needed weekly long-term counseling in high school or were taking a certain prescribed medication, continue with those treatments until you have an opportunity to be reassessed. If you are taking a prescription medication, make the necessary arrangements so that you have an adequate supply of medication while you are at JMU. Do not discontinue your relationship with your current medication provider until you have become an established patient in the Harrisonburg community.

Call 540-568-6552 to schedule your Counseling Connection appointment.

Published: Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Last Updated: Tuesday, May 14, 2019

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