April 2013

Students, are your computer and accounts ready for summer?

Students: are you ready for summer?  How about your computer and computing accounts?  Here are some tips to keep your computer and accounts operational over the summer to ensure a successful start next fall.

Read your JMU E-mail

Set a browser favorite or bookmark to JMU e-mail http://www.outlook.com  or just click "JMU E-Mail" on any of the main JMU web pages.

Read your JMU e-mail all summer for e-ID password expiration notices and other important news. While your JMU e-mail (e-ID@dukes.jmu.edu) password will never expire (unless you set it to,) your JMU e-ID password still requires a password change every 90 days. Be sure to change your e-ID password when notified of expiration so you can check your class schedule in MyMadison, and so you won't need to visit the Computing HelpDesk your first day back to JMU! 

Set an e-mail password question and alternate contact information (both are required) to be able to reset your JMU e-mail password in case you forget it. To set these, login to your e-mail account, click "Options", "See All Options", then "Change your Password".    On the Microsoft Account/Overview screen, click "Edit security info" in the "Password and security info" section to enter or change a cell number, e-mail address or security question. 

Maintain Your JMU e-ID Password

Be sure you have completed the enrollment process for the new JMU e-ID and Access Management system by selecting a picture, phrase and creating answers for 5 security questions of your choice. 

If you do not recall your picture/phrase or your questions/answers, you may repeat the enrollment process and choose whether or not to opt into the one time password reset capability.  

To enroll or re-enroll, log into MyMadison, click on the MyAccounts tab and then click on Enroll in Password Management.  

Protect Your Computer

Follow the instructions on the StartSafe site http://www.jmu.edu/computing/security/startsafe and remember to click on the Symantec Endpoint Protection gold shield for LiveUpdates and the Windows Update icon for critical updates. 

Questions?  Contact  the JMU Computing HelpDesk at 540-568-3555

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