April 2013

Graduating Students, are your computer and accounts ready for summer?

Graduating Students:  are you ready for graduation?  How about your computer and computing accounts? 

Remember that your JMU e-mail account (e-ID@dukes.jmu.edu) is good for life, and we encourage you to use it to stay in touch with your JMU friends and the JMU community. Set a browser favorite or bookmark http://www.outlook.com or just click "JMU E-Mail" on any of the main JMU web pages.

Be sure you have completed the enrollment process for the new JMU e-ID and Access Management system by selecting a picture, phrase and creating answers for 5 security questions of your choice.  To enroll, log into MyMadison, click on the MyAccounts tab and then click on Enroll in Password Management.  

While your JMU e-mail password will never expire (unless you set it to) your JMU e-ID password still requires a password change every 90 days. Log in to your JMU e-mail account regularly to receive ongoing e-ID password change notifications.

Your JMU e-ID and e-ID password will allow ongoing access to MyMadison for certain functions, such as transcripts, as long as you keep your e-ID password current. Before you graduate, take a moment to log into mymadison.jmu.edu and ensure your mailing addresses and telephone numbers are current.

Access to Blackboard and other applications will only remain active for approximately 60 days after graduation. 

Questions?  Contact  the JMU Computing HelpDesk at 540-568-3555

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation - we wish you the best in all your future endeavors!

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