August 2012

Important Back to School News for Students

Important Back-to-School Information
for Students

We hope you have had a wonderful summer! We are looking forward to your arrival and a smooth start to the school year. Please take a moment to review the following computing-related information. Some of the information provides steps you should follow to prepare your computer even before you come to campus.


Follow our StartSafe steps to help secure your computer before bringing it to campus.

Know the Difference Between Your JMU e-ID Account and Your JMU E-mail Account.

Your JMU e-ID account and password are different from your JMU e-mail account and password. Your JMU e-ID and password allow you to access MyMadison, Blackboard and other on-campus services. Your JMU e-mail account and password are strictly for accessing your e-mail and other Microsoft online services, such as SkyDrive for document, photo, video storage and sharing.

Do Not Let Your JMU e-ID Password Expire

Every 90 days, you will be required to change your JMU e-ID password and review security awareness training. You will receive notifications via e-mail that your JMU e-ID password will expire, so check your e-mail daily.

What To Bring With You

You must provide a network cable to connect your computer in your residence hall room. We recommend a 25' cable to ensure you can reach the network jack from any location in your room. See other recommendations on what to bring:

JMU Computing HelpDesk

The Computing HelpDesk will be open regular hours August 20-23 (Mon-Thurs) from 8am-9pm and August 24 (Fri) from 8am-5pm. In addition, the Computing HelpDesk will be open August 25 (Sat) from 11am-4pm and August 26 (Sun) from 1:30pm-5:30pm to assist with your start-of-school computing needs.

CampusNet Move-in Bonanza (CMIB)

JMU's computing staff will be available in residence hall areas on Tuesday, August 21 from noon-5pm, and Wednesday, August 22 from 11am-4pm to assist you in getting connected to the JMU network after you setup your computer. Assistance will also be available by contacting the Computing HelpDesk (540-568-3555). Most students do not have any trouble getting connected, but we're there if you do! More information about CMIB and connecting your computer to the network is available here:

For additional computing information, please visit:

JMU Information Technology