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Dr. John Almarode Named Interim EFEX Department Head

Dr. AlmarodeCongratulations to Dr. John Almarode, who has been named to serve as Interim Department Head for the Department of Educational Foundations and Exceptionalities (EFEX) succeeding Dr. Laura Desportes’ tenure as Department Head.  John will assume the duties of Interim Department Head effective July 1, 2014, the date that Laura returns to service as a tenured, full-time member of the EFEX instructional faculty.  The college is fortunate to have someone of John’s intelligence, insights and abilities, professional judgment, and interpersonal skills to call upon to represent the interests of the EFEX department in conversations, planning, deliberations, and shared decision-making among other members of the college leadership team within the context of the college’s vision and mission.  

The outstanding leadership of Dr. Laura Desportes and the commitment and hard work of the members of the EFEX staff and faculty ensure that John will have the benefit of joining an academically healthy, collegial, and smooth operating department.  With great patience and poise, a solutions-focused disposition, professional dedication, powerful mentorship instincts, and overall boldness of purpose, Laura has advanced the goals and aspirations of the EFEX department with great positive effect.  She has done so moreover without losing sight of the important role of the EFEX department within the broader sphere of the college.  Laura has been a brilliant spokesperson for the department, and she will continue contributing to the goals of both the department and the college from the vantage point afforded her as a tenured instructional faculty member with the rank of Professor.