July 2013

Summer Construction Information for Memorial Hall

The Provost’s office has notified the Dean that the upgrades to the Memorial Hall fire alarm system scheduled to be undertaken this summer have been postponed until next summer (2014)

Because of the postponement of the fire alarm upgrades, the following changes to the 2013 summer schedule will be instituted effective May 6, 2013:

  1. Regular business hours throughout the college will be the same as those for the rest of the university: Monday through Thursday: 8:00am until 5:00 pm; andFriday: 8:00am until noon.
  2. Use of the Annex as a site for select offices (e.g. CDA) will still occur unless guidance to the contrary is issued. Directions to the Annex from Memorial Hall.
  3. Unless otherwise directed, staff members will continue to fulfill their responsibilities from the offices that they are currently assigned.
  4. Plans announced for staff members to serve a brief tour of service in the Annex this summer are to be disregarded.
  5. Because other construction projects in Building A (the “7000” section of Memorial Hall) will continue as planned, relocation of select college units and offices WILL occur as planned, unless guidance to the contrary is issued.
  6. Class schedules and room/location assignments that have been announced and publicized will occur as planned unless guidance to the contrary is issued.

Who is Moving Where?

  1. The entire Building A (7000) section of Memorial Hall will be CLOSED from May 6, 2013 until approximately August 19, 2013.
  2. ESC operations will re-locate to MEMH 3275
  3. ETMC operations will relocate to rooms MEMH 3360A & MEMH 3360B
  4. Reading Center operations will relocate to MEMH 3269 - Contact Marianne Baker for summer support: bakermi@jmu.edu
  5. Campus Security will relocate to room MEMH 3265E
  6. CDA offices will relocate to room 1001 in the JMU Annex



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