Delta Sigma Pi Executive Member Visits Flourishing JMU Chapter


By Matthew D'Angelo

One of Delta Sigma Pi’s (DSP) Associate Executive Directors visited James Madison University’s DSP chapter on Monday, Feb 8th to check on the chapter and affirm that its operations are in line with DSP’s national goals. Shanda Gray met with JMU’s DSP chapter executive board as well as College of Business (CoB) administrators during her visit, where she discussed how CoB’s ongoing partnership with DSP has benefited students academically, professionally and experientially.

“It’s exciting to be here,” said Gray. “[The chapter] is doing well and it has a lot of great opportunity here.”

DSP, a professional business fraternity with over 200 active chapters nationwide, generally only sends representatives to two chapters every two-to-three years. This year, JMU’s chapter was lucky enough to meet with Gray and collaborate over how to better their chapter here at JMU. Gray says that she loves visiting chapters because it gives her a chance to work with students and figure out which strategies are the most effective.   

“We’re going to talk planning and goal setting,” said Gray. “That includes an overview of members, chapter goals, fundraising ideas and different types of things we know our chapters are doing.”

Matt Fracasso, president of JMU’s chapter, said he was excited to collaborate with Gray over how to set and maintain chapter goals that will better the brotherhood. One way Fracasso has already tried to implement this is through chapter participation in DSP’s national leadership program.

Every semester, DSP runs national conferences that collegiate chapters are welcome to attend. These conferences include sessions on conflict management, business etiquette and even how to properly request a raise or promotion. All of this information is distinctly vital to business students here at JMU and CoB strives to support JMU’s DSP chapter in its efforts to better its members education.

DSP’s engagement with CoB has allowed it to provide its members with a unique experience that will benefit members in their professional careers. Clearly, the chapter’s involvement in the national leadership conferences and it’s interactions with upper level executives in the national organization has distinguished it as one of CoBs’ premier professional fraternities.

Published: Thursday, February 11, 2016

Last Updated: Tuesday, January 17, 2017

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