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CoB 300 Team Winner Kollabor8Team Kollabor8 took top honors at the 2013 COB 300 Business Plan Competition.  This well-deserved honor led to a unique opportunity for team members Allyson Alderfer, Nichole Barnes, Francis Gerow, Brandi Lash, and Molly Wolford. 

Dynamic’s President and CEO Michael Stoltzfus invited them to participate in a paid summer internship program at nearby Dynamic Aviation, in Bridgewater, Va.  The group was charged with assessing a possible business and creating a business/marketing plan.  Their challenge included conducting research through focus groups, interviews, and online exploration.

Michael’s interest in the College of Business and the COB 300 competition began when he was asked to serve as a judge for the 2013 competition.  He was impressed with the caliber of the students and the presentations.

Two professors, Fernando Pargas and Jonathan Gilbert, worked closely with the students throughout the summer, meeting with them on a regular basis.

Fernando says, “This was a tremendous opportunity for students - getting paid while delivering a high quality product.” He adds, “It doesn’t get any better than this. Dynamic gave them the opportunity to use what they learned in the classroom.” He emphasized that the students did all the work; the professors simply helped guide them through the process.

Michael was very pleased with the project; in fact, he would like to continue using student groups for various projects throughout the year.  He says, “It was an exceptional experience. It was energizing to be able to work with such a talented and insightful group of students. And I look forward to connecting with JMU interns in the future for additional projects at Dynamic Aviation.”

The students gained a great deal of knowledge and experience over the summer.  Molly Wolford says, “Our experience at Dynamic was certainly a new and rewarding one that most College of Business students don't get to experience.

“I learned an incredible amount about the professional world. As a team lead I coordinated most of the meetings and interactions between business professionals that assisted us during our time at Dynamic. 

“It was helpful and certainly a challenge in the beginning. I now use almost everything I learned this past summer in my Management Consulting class. It is an aid in the manner in which I contact my client for this course in addition to applying to jobs in the management field. The time I spent with my team at Dynamic this past summer was a rewarding experience and the amount I learned I'm not quite sure can be put into words but are rather reflected in the actions I take now in my academic, social, and future professional career.”

The College of Business is proud to continue to offer experiential learning experiences for our students.  The  CoB appreciates the opportunities that Dynamic Aviation has afforded our students.  

The College of Business is proud to help facilitate these types of partnership opportunities for students.  Additionally, these experiential learning activities with local businesses help strengthen and enhance the college’s community outreach efforts.

Published: Monday, September 30, 2013

Last Updated: Wednesday, June 8, 2016

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