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October 2016

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JMU News


October 4: Afghan official: 2 people killed by roadside bombs MORE >

October 4: 'The killer is still waiting': Two decades on, land mines still wreaking havoc in Bosnia MORE >

October 5: Using mobile geographic information systems to improve operational efficiency, data reliability, and access in mine action MORE >

October 6: The U.S. left Vietnam. Our chemicals and land mines remained. MORE >

October 6: Italy bans investments in cluster bombs producers MORE >

October 9: JMU hosts Colombia peacekeeping efforts panel MORE >

October 10: Mali continues to make progress, but swift action needed as civilians still face threats: UN envoy MORE >

October 12: Japan injects $2m towards de-mining MORE >

October 12: Swiss engineer takes on killer landmines MORE >

October 13: Boy loses fingers in South Darfur ammo blast MORE >

October 17: Neither war nor peace reigns in Nagorno-Karabakh MORE >

October 17: Afghan refugees: An exhibition of photographs by Joël van Houdt MORE >

October 18: South African deminers achieve major success in global conflict zone MORE >

October 19: Addressing the explosive hazard threat in Northern Syria: Risk education on landmines, UXO, booby traps, and IEDs MORE >

October 19: Mine action critical to peace and security, humanitarian response, development efforts MORE >

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