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August 2016

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August 1: Al Houthi landmines turn liberated areas into death traps MORE >

August 2: Drones and the IED threat MORE >

August 2: Cambodia sees its first month without mine, UXO victims MORE >

August 2: From munitions to mortar: Helping restore an Iraqi cement factory in Mosul MORE >

August 7: UNMAS welcomes generous contribution from The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg MORE >

August 8: How to stay safe and avoid mines in northern Aleppo MORE >

August 9: Global Explosive Ordnance Disposal Symposium to look at Force of the Future MORE >

August 11: Bosnia marks Diana's anti-landmines visit 20 years on MORE >

August 11: No solution for Myanmar's landmine crisis MORE >

August 14: The mission for this teen's drone: Locate and destroy landmines MORE >

August 14: The U.S. military burns millions of pounds of munitions in a tiny, African-American corner of Louisiana MORE >

August 15: In Burma, U.S. assistance builds bridges to peace MORE >

August 17: Interpreting submunition fragmentation marks on hard surfaces for the survey of cluster munition strikes MORE >

August 17: U.S.-Lao partnership works to address legacies of war MORE >

August 21: How the Pentagon's handling of munitions and their waste has poisoned America MORE >

August 21: Elon Musk leads 116 experts calling for outright ban of killer robots MORE >

August 22: Prototype technology for unearthing minefields with fire developed by team MORE >

August 23: 21st Century survey in eastern Ukraine and the use of technology in insecure environments MORE >

August 23: Lebanese army finds anti-aircraft missiles in Islamic State cache MORE >

August 28: Tackling a deadly legacy MORE >

August 29: U.S. support for mine action in Lebanon clears land for peaceful use MORE >

August 29: Two North Korean shipments to Syria intercepted in six months, UN told MORE >

August 30: Catholic Relief Services: Information and communication technology in monitoring & evaluation MORE >

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