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July 2016

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July 5: New Zealand pledges $1 million to help clear landmines in Colombia MORE >

July 7: Survivor: Life after cluster bomb MORE >

July 7: Developing a hyperspectral non-technical survey via UAV and helicopter MORE >

July 10: Meet the woman helping clear Colombia of its deadly land mines MORE >

July 11: Afghan army defuses 24 landmines in 24 hours: DM MORE >

July 13: 6 soldiers hurt in Quirino landmine explosion MORE >

July 14: Do no harm: The challenge of protecting civilians from the IED threat in south-central Somalia MORE >

July 14: Land mines pose serious danger to residents of Iraq's Mosul MORE >

July 17: Landmines pose the latest threat to children in Raqqa MORE >

July 18: The shopkeeper defusing IS booby traps MORE >

July 21: Fighting raging in Yemen's Taiz and Medi MORE >

July 21: Gov't troops recover bag of IEDs after clash with NPA in Palawan MORE >

July 21: Laos: Decades after America's 'secret war', unexploded bombs still hinder development MORE >

July 25: Warren Buffett's son donates $32.1 Million USD to Colombia for landmine removal and other projects MORE >

July 25: Sudan: Two wounded in West Darfur ammo explosion MORE >

July 26: Clearing mines and explosives in Mosul MORE >

July 27: Advancing disability rights advocacy: Building global coalitions through people-to-people diplomacy MORE >

July 28: IEDs pose huge challenge in efforts to counter Naxals: Police MORE >

July 29: Partnering with Bangladesh to promote peacekeeping MORE >

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