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April 2016

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April 4: Peace 'incomplete' without demining, UN chief says on World Mine Awareness Day MORE >

April 5: How Prince Harry is continuing Princess Diana's legacy in the fight against landmines: 'He's compassionate like his mother' MORE >

April 6: In Charleston, cannonball discoveries are constant reminders of past wars MORE >

April 7: Mwatana: Dozens of civilian victims of landmines planted by Ansar Allah group (Houthis) and Saleh Forces in Yemen MORE >

April 10: Saving lives from deadly minefields in Zimbabwe MORE >

April 12: UN expert says 40-50 years needed to clear Syria, Iraq of mines, weaponry MORE >

April 12: Children in east Ukraine need urgent care to overcome trauma of conflict - UNICEF MORE >

April 13: Landmine survivor returns to school MORE >

April 13: Belarus destroys over three million hazardous landmines fulfilling its Ottawa Convention obligations MORE >

April 17: Glowing bacteria offer hope for safe detection of 100m landmines MORE >

April 18: Assistive technology to help transform the lives of people with special needs MORE >

April 19: Experts blow up 130 US cluster bombs in central Vietnam MORE >

April 21: Yemen: Houthi-Saleh forces using landmines MORE >

April 21: What are the Trump administration's views on the landmines convention? MORE >

April 24: Helping Iraq defeat ISIS through U.S. conventional weapons destruction efforts MORE >

April 26: American member of watchdog OSCE killed in Ukraine MORE >

April 26: In Angolan town, land mines still lurk 'behind every bush' MORE >

April 27: Students create digital game to raise landmine awareness MORE >

April 28: Paving a safe road to prosperity in Somaliland MORE >

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