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January 2016

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JMU News


January 9: Making a safer world MORE >

January 10: Bombing missions of the Vietnam War MORE >

January 12: Effectiveness and impact of UNDP mine action support: Lessons learned MORE >

January 12: The U.S. Army fears Russia's (and others) 'helicopter-killer' mines MORE >

January 13: Princess Diana's minefield walk MORE >

January 17: Iraq, Syria plagued by landmines 20 years after Princess Diana's iconic minefield visit MORE >

January 18: 14-year-old boy from Gujarat designs drone to trace land mines MORE >

January 19: 'Off the shelf' bone replacements offer life-changing help to landmine victims MORE >

January 20: maXML: Coordinating mine action with XML technologies MORE >

January 23: Greece: Refugees with disabilities overlooked, underserved MORE >

January 24: Britain can lead the world after Brexit by clearing it of landmines MORE >

January 25: America's secret war in Laos MORE >

January 26: Adapting the ERW community to combat IED threats MORE >

January 27: 'How will we survive?': Syrian refugees trapped in poverty in Thailand MORE >

January 30: Algeria completes decades-long landmine removal along its borders MORE >

January 31: IED blast Chhattisgarh: Improvised explosive device blast kills CRPF jawan in Sukma Raipur MORE >

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