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December 2016

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Center for International Stabilization and Recovery News


December 1: Landmine report finds global casualties at 10-year high while clearance funding hits 10-year low; but progress toward a mine-free world continues MORE >

December 2: Video: Mosul villages liberated, but land mines still pose massive risk MORE >

December 5: Ukraine: The lasting impact of landmines on civilians MORE >

December 6: Special report: Solomon Islands' explosive legacy MORE >

December 7: Two landmines detected in Visakha Agency MORE >

December 8: Deadly unexploded landmines could be made safe thanks to genetically modified cabbages MORE >

December 9: Aid groups confront land mines, ethnic tensions in Mosul conflict MORE >

December 12: 120 land mines found in Latehar forest MORE >

December 12: Long after ISIS collapses, its empire of explosives will reign MORE >

December 12: Mozambique declared free from cluster munitions MORE >

December 16: Afghan brothers develop drone to clear land mines MORE >

December 16: Working from a distance in war-affected Libya MORE >

December 19: Saudi Arabia admits it used UK-made cluster bombs in Yemen MORE >

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