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September 2016

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Center for International Stabilization and Recovery News


September 1: Cluster bombs killed over 400 people in 2015, campaigners say MORE >

September 1: The Most Mined Town in Africa: U.S. Assistance Helps Clear Landmines in Angola MORE >

September 1: UXO safely removed from Pailin mountain MORE >

September 2: As ISIS Withdraws, Land Mines Lurk In Northern Syria MORE >

September 2: North Korea Plants Landmines Near South Korea MORE >

September 6: Obama announces $90 million to clear Laos' unexploded bombs MORE >

September 7: Colombians arrive in Israel to learn how to clear land mines MORE >

September 9: Yemen: Houthi landmines claim civilian victims MORE >

September 9: Nations condemn use of cluster bombs MORE >

September 14: Leopards and landmines: Post-war carnivore research in Sri Lanka MORE >

September 14: Tatmadaw insists landmine use kept within reasonable minimum MORE >

September 15: Baghdad Operations seizes explosive belts and IEDs in Baghdad MORE >

September 16: Military MPs propose removal of landmines in Myanmar MORE >

September 19: Saudi Arabia appears to be using U.S.-supplied white phosphorus in its war in Yemen MORE >

September 20: Fairy lights, hospital syringes, black flags: Devious IEDs left by IS in Libya MORE >

September 21: Namibia: 400 Firearms Surrendered MORE >

September 23: ISIS land mine explosion kills 3 children in Manbij MORE >

September 23: 23-myanmar MORE >

September 26: The UXO sector in Laos MORE >

September 27: Nigeria: Police defuses 67 landmines buried by Boko Haram in Bama army barracks MORE >

September 28: Colombia, Marxist rebels sign accord ending 52-year war MORE >

September 29: Lebanon: DCA continues fight against landmines and cluster bombs with support from the U.S. Department of State MORE >

September 30: 30-obituary MORE >

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