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January 2016

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Center for International Stabilization and Recovery News


January 4: Handicap International Clears Landmines in Casamance, Senegal MORE >

January 5: Chinese Citizen Injured by Landmine on Myanmar Border MORE >

January 6: Fleeing Afghani Citizens Face Landmines MORE >

January 7: Five Million Square Meters of Landmines Cleared in Angola MORE >

January 8: The Need to Clear Landmines in Myanmar MORE >

January 11: Indian Soldier and Two Porters Injured by Separate Lanmdine Blasts MORE >

January 12: Accounting for Internally Displaced People in Medellín MORE >

January 13: New River Fisherman Affected by Presence of Volatile Munitions MORE >

January 14: The Cambodian Landmine Museum MORE >

January 15: Syrian Refugees Unsafe in Lebanon MORE >

January 18: Software Aids in Search for Illicit SA/LW Caches MORE >

January 19: Demining Facilitates Agriculture in Angola MORE >

January 20: Landmine Kills Two in Idlib, Syria MORE >

January 21: U.S. EOD Technicians Conduct Breaching Course MORE >

January 22: John Kerry to Discuss UXO on Laos Trip MORE >

January 27: UN Officials Condemn Murder of Four Deminers in Afghanistan MORE >

January 27: New EOD Warrior Foundation Office: Niceville, FL MORE >

January 28: Senegal: Mine Victim's Story Shows Importance of Demining MORE >

January 29: EOD Technicians Learn Ins and Outs of IEDs MORE >

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