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November 2015

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Center for International Stabilization and Recovery News


November 2: Lebanon Seeks More US Aid to Clear Landmines MORE >

November 3: Advances in Colombia's Struggle Against Landmines MORE >

November 4: Lebanon Asks for Aid to Clear Landmines MORE >

November 5: Nigerian Lawmakers Ask Federal Governments to End Landmine Threat MORE >

November 6: MLI's CHAMPS Program Celebrates 10th Anniversary MORE >

November 7: 1 soldier killed, 5 wounded in Sarangani clash MORE >

November 8: Iran-backed rebels retake positions in south Yemen MORE >

November 9: Landmine and ERW Continue to Threaten Eastern Ukraine MORE >

November 10: Human Rights Watch On Banning Killer Robots MORE >

November 11: Achieving a Global Landmine Ban MORE >

November 12: Logan Black Discusses Experience Demining MORE >

November 13: Tricorder Technology Could Detect Landmines MORE >

November 14: Sri Lanka Voices Hope for Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons MORE >

November 15: Hiiraan governor accused of killing Mine action staffer MORE >

November 16: Humanitarian mine action brings relief to Cambodia MORE >

November 17: Teddy bear bombs? Ukrainian soldiers teach kids to avoid explosives MORE >

November 18: Landmine Free Artsakh Completes Chartar Town Clearance MORE >

November 19: Anniversary of Kenilworth landmine explosion to be marked MORE >

November 20: North and South Korea set for talks on easing tension MORE >

November 23: Five KDF officers injured after landmine hits vehicle near Kenya/Somalia border MORE >

November 24: Landmine kills U.N. peacekeeper in Mali MORE >

November 25: Burma Among World's Worst in Landmine Victims MORE >

November 26: French soldier dies from landmine-sustained injuries suffered in Mali MORE >

November 27: Armenian Assembly of America Presented Mine Action Dogs MORE >

November 30: Landmines Continued to Plague Myanmar's People MORE >

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