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September 2015

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Center for International Stabilization and Recovery News


September 1: Somaliland's Transition to Stability MORE >

September 2: Hungry and Tired, Refugees Arive in Munich MORE >

September 4: Houthis Using Landmines in Yemeni Port of Aden MORE >

September 7: Korea Donates $300K to Jordan for Demining MORE >

September 8: World War II Bomb Found North of Anna Maria (Florida, US) MORE >

September 9: Syrian Refugees Crossing into Hungary from Serbia MORE >

September 10: Landmine in Benghazi Kills Five Children, Injures Two MORE >

September 11: Nigeria to Receive Slovakian Demining Machines MORE >

September 14: Royal Netherlands Navy Clears UXO at the Doggersbank MORE >

September 15: Ukrainian Schoolchildren Learn Dangers of Landmines and UXO MORE >

September 16: Refugees Traverse Croatian Minefields from Balkan Wars MORE >

September 17: Mozambique Clear of Landmines MORE >

September 18: Croatia: Mine Kills Deminer, Injures Another MORE >

September 21: 3D Printers Create Educational Imitations of Landmines MORE >

September 22: Erbil Rehabiltiation Center Assists Landmine Survivors MORE >

September 23: Nuclear Landmines: The Ultimate Weapon MORE >

September 24: Mobile Telecom Operators Build Infrsatructure Over Landmines MORE >

September 25: Joint Forces Destroy Landmines Laid By Maoists MORE >

September 28: Handicap International's Annual Shoe Pyramid Targets Syrian Landmines MORE >

September 29: Cyprus: Landmine Detonates Outside Mammari Village MORE >

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