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February 2015

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Center for International Stabilization and Recovery News


February 2: US EOD Troops Train Congolese Forces in Africa MORE >

February 3: EOD Marines Teach High School Students About Robotics MORE >

February 4: Turkey Establishes National Mine Working Center MORE >

February 4: Turkey Moves to Demine, Contracts to Follow MORE >

February 5: Why is Peace Protracted and Elusive? MORE >

February 6: South Sudan's Child Soldiers Call it a Day MORE >

February 9: Two bombs in Baghdad kill 15 civilians MORE >

February 10: Ukrainian Civilians Killed in Rocket Attack MORE >

February 11: Rebranding Drone Technology Through Disaster Relief and Landmine Clearance MORE >

February 12: Marines and Danes give Iraqi Leaders C-IED Training MORE >

February 13: UK NGO Clears Over 300K Square Meters MORE >

February 16: 18th International Meeting of Mine Action National Programme Directors MORE >

February 17: Pirates Siphon Fuel and Plant IED on Tanker MORE >

February 18: Double-amputee Afghan Troops Long For Front Line MORE >

February 19: Kobane Still Riddled With UXO MORE >

February 20: Iraq Purchases Husky 2G from Critical Solutions International MORE >

February 23: Two soldiers killed in landmine blast in Cotabato MORE >

February 24: The Treacherous Battle to Free Iraq of Landmines MORE >

February 24: Elephants in South Africa being trained to sniff out explosives MORE >

February 25: New Landmines Awareness Campaign Begins in Abyei MORE >

February 26: Colombia Peace Negotiations Save Thousands of Lives MORE >

February 27: Civilians in Northern Myanmar Suffer from Shelling and Landmines MORE >

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