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January 2015

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Center for International Stabilization and Recovery News


January 5: US Pays to Destroy Ukraine's Landmine Stockpiles MORE >

January 6: Mozambique's Epic Struggle to Free Itself of Landmines MORE >

January 7: Troupe of Clowns Educates Kids About Landmine Safety MORE >

January 8: Female Suicide Bomber Attacks Police Station in Istanbul MORE >

January 9: Canada Offers Asylum to 10,000 Syrian Refugees MORE >

January 12: Taliban Militants Abduct Demining Workers in Eastern Afghanistan MORE >

January 13: IDF Uses Digital Radiography to Identify IEDs MORE >

January 14: Lebanese Students Engineer Mine-Detecting Robot MORE >

January 15: Snow Obscures Minefields in South Lebanon MORE >

January 16: Record Number of Deminer Deaths in Afghanistan in 2014 MORE >

January 19: Central African Republic Sees Impact of Weapons Trade MORE >

January 20: UXO in the Sava and Danube MORE >

January 21: Landmine Detector Uses Pulse Induction to Improve Sensitivity MORE >

January 22: Shan Youths Call for Landmine Clearance MORE >

January 23: History: Japanese Balloon Bombs from WWII MORE >

January 26: Drones for Good MORE >

January 27: UXO Critically Injures Two El Paso Women MORE >

January 28: Algerian Army Clears 758,607 AP Mines and UXO in 10 Years MORE >

January 29: Canadian Demining Robots "Will Save Many, Many Lives" MORE >

January 30: IED Blasts Leave Distrinct Scars MORE >

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