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December 2014

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Center for International Stabilization and Recovery News


December 1: Landmine Victims Hopeful During Indian Prime Minister's Rally MORE >

December 2: Over Half of All Prostheses in Myanmar Needed by Landmine Victims MORE >

December 3: Landmines Kill Civilians Fleeing Kobani MORE >

December 4: Former Guerrilla Fighter Dedicates Himself to Helping Disabled MORE >

December 5: Afghan and Colombian Kids Worst Affected by Landmines and ERW MORE >

December 8: Syrian Refugees Face Starvation After UN Cuts MORE >

December 9: Philippine Soldier Injured by Landmine During Disaster Response MORE >

December 10: Maoist Rebels Threaten Philippine Typhoon Relief Mission MORE >

December 11: Christian Aid Provides Psychosocial Care for Ebola-hit Communities MORE >

December 12: Sappers Safely Defused 500 kg Bomb in Phu Tho Province MORE >

December 15: Taliban Attack Kills Deminers in Helmand MORE >

December 16: Tens of Thousands Dead in South Sudan Conflict MORE >

December 17: U.S. CWD Programs Clear WWII-Era Munitions in the Pacfic Islands MORE >

December 18: JEIDDO Improperly Collected Intel MORE >

December 19: Landmines Offer Refuge to Leopards in Iran and Iraq MORE >

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