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November 2014

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Center for International Stabilization and Recovery News


November 10: Mozambique Strides Confidently Into New Mine-Free Era MORE >

November 11: Security Forces Defuse Naxal-planted 40 kg IED MORE >

November 12: Artsakh Aims to Raise Money to Clear Govshatly Village MORE >

November 13: UN to Discuss Autonomous Weapons MORE >

November 14: Sri Lanka Ready to Share Demining Experience with other Countries MORE >

November 17: Police Offcer Defuses Around 7,000 Roadside Bombs MORE >

November 18: British Company Clears Up Landmines Around World MORE >

November 19: Over 6,000 Illegal Borders Used in Arms Smuggling MORE >

November 20: U.S. Provides Pakistan with Equipment to Screen IED Threats MORE >

November 21: Gold Seekers Killed by UXO in North Darfur MORE >

November 24: Over 200 Syrian Refugees Rescued off Coast of Cyprus MORE >

November 25: U.S. to Supply Kurds with Small Arms, Mortars and GPS Gear MORE >

November 26: UNMAS Trains Army to Find Weapons Caches in the DRC MORE >

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