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August 2014

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Center for International Stabilization and Recovery News


August 1: Six Deminers Killed and Three Kidnapped in Afghanistan MORE >

August 4: Zimbabwe Seeks Funds for Demining MORE >

August 5: New Refugee Camp Near Turkey-Syria Border MORE >

August 6: Philippines Passes National Registratration Day for PWDs MORE >

August 7: Cambodian Casualties Being to Outpace Last Year MORE >

August 8: Mizo Student Union Submit Memo for Disability Rights MORE >

August 11: Rising Water Levels in North Korea Sweep Landmines Downstream MORE >

August 12: Mine Risk Education in Somalia MORE >

August 13: UNSC Authorizes Aid Agencies to Enter Syria MORE >

August 14: Mechem Demining Company Providing Field Camps to UN MORE >

August 15: Syrian Refugees Find Escape in Music and Dance MORE >

August 18: Birhan Self-Help Group Uses Pottery To Reduce Mistreatment of Women MORE >

August 19: Iraqi Civilians Exposed To Radioactive Scrap MORE >

August 20: Humanitarian Disarmament Department Encourages Efficient Land Release MORE >

August 21: Oman Joins Landmine Ban Treaty MORE >

August 22: Weaponizing Robot Cars MORE >

August 25: U.S. Providing $84 Million to Jordan for Syrian Refugees MORE >

August 26: U.S. Initiates Results of Landmine Policy Review MORE >

August 27: Nigerian Air Force Accelerates IED-Detonating Robot MORE >

August 28: Sick Plants Can Punpoint Landmine Locations MORE >

August 29: U.S. Conventional Weapons Destruction in Africa MORE >

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