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July 2014

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Center for International Stabilization and Recovery News


July 1: Soccer Being Played in the Za'atari Refugee Camp MORE >

July 2: Multiple Nationalities Residing In Jordan Shouldn't Be Ignored MORE >

July 3: Colombian Soldiers Killed By Rebel Landmines MORE >

July 4: Team CBRNE Train the Trainers MORE >

July 7: Sudan Calls for Landmine Investigation after Multiple Deaths MORE >

July 8: FBI Secures 3D Printer to Study IEDs MORE >

July 9: JIEDDO Changes Name as Mission Broadens MORE >

July 10: Landmine Kills Teen in Jordan Valley MORE >

July 11: Glued Films Gets Audience for Landmine Charity Film MORE >

July 14: Volunteers Lend Helping Hand to Landmine Victims MORE >

July 15: Sandia Labs Develops IED Detector for Army MORE >

July 16: U.S. Takes Steps Toward Signing Landmine Ban Treaty MORE >

July 17: Explosion in Mogadishu Kills Two MORE >

July 18: New Technology Shapes Refugee Response in Lebanon MORE >

July 21: Landmine Factory Unearthed in Miranshah MORE >

July 22: Surge in Civilian Casualties from Car Bombs and Suicide Attacks MORE >

July 23: Syrian Refugees in Turkey Will Reach 1.5 Million by 2015 MORE >

July 24: Fungi Farming Provides Safe Livelihood for Quang Tri Residents MORE >

July 25: Researchers Find Explosive Shock Waves Cause Significant Eye Damage MORE >

July 28: Refugees from Syria Still Flooding into Jordan MORE >

July 29: Hizbullah Accused of Trading with Syrian Refugees MORE >

July 30: U.S. Military Helps Colombia Fight IED Threat MORE >

July 31: Insurgent Attack Kills Afghan Bomb-disposal Experts MORE >

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